Friday 10 November 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Holidays!! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This time last year Stu found out he had to use all of his holidays up from work before the 31st of December and was scrambling to get some days off because where he works they don't usually approve holidays that have short notice throughout November and December as it's their busiest time. It was his first year working there and assumed the holidays ran from April to April like most other companies. He learned from his mistake and applied for his holidays in January, they were approved ages ago and did tell me but January was almost a year ago lol and I forgot until he reminded me this week.

Now that I know when Stu has holidays from work it feels like we can make some certain plans. The local light switch on is soon and he will be home so we can make an evening of it, see the lights switched on and then go for a meal like we did last year, we can do something for my birthday as he's off work. We've decided the Christmas decorations are going up on the last weekend of this month as he has that whole weekend too. Yesterday I got some Christmas related things with the food shop and the wrapping paper has arrived which means Stu can help me do some of the wrapping or at least leave me to it and just do the tidying up. hehehe He has a couple of days off a couple of weeks before Christmas so it means that he can help me out with anything that needs doing. My dad takes me to big Iceland in town and a few other shops each year in the run up to Christmas so I am hoping he can do either one of those 2 days.

Speaking of Christmas decorations I was on Shein earlier on in the week getting the last few bits that the girls wanted for Christmas and saw they sell decorations and all things Christmas. I don't know why but I didn't think they would have a huge selection but I have ordered quite a few things. Gingerbread tree decorations, stickers for the windows, things for the dining room table and really thick garlands of tinsel all which seem cheaper than what I can get in town. I also ordered our matching Christmas pyjamas from Sports Direct of all places. I didn't even know they sold pj's and they were a lot cheaper than other stores.

Ellie has only just gone back to college after her half term holidays but she is longing for the Christmas one's already. This school term always feels like such a hard slog with the colder weather and darker nights. She's very glad that she's only in college for 3 days a week. It was coming on for 6pm when she got in the other evening, there are usually 2 buses but the first one was full and the 2nd never turned up so her and her friends walked into town to get a different bus. It really ruined her evening as she came in wet and cold.

Becky has had a little holiday or so she's calling it because she had a night in a hotel. lol I think if I had a night in a hotel I would think of it as a holiday too, it's a holiday from normal life. She went to see the Dirty Dancing stage show with her friend and they realised it was cheaper to stay in a hotel than get a taxi home. She said the show was amazing and she had the time of her life. hehehe 

 How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one!

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  1. I didn't know Shein sold Christmas things!! Thanks for the tip- will definitely have to check this out! We are decorating the last weekend of November also- or technically I guess the weekend of Thanksgiving as I have a long weekend off of work. :) The evenings are dark here and so I am looking forward to the lights surrounding things :) :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Warmly, Rebecca :)

  2. Holidays! One of my favourite words. Sounds like you’re all building up to some fun family time. I can sense the excitement. Hope it all goes to plan. ENJOY.

  3. It's a great word for this time of year. I am wishing you a beautiful holiday!

  4. I've been thinking of the holidays this week too; I just completed making all my Christmas cards today and got a bit of shopping done too.

  5. That great that Stu has some time off from work. I still cant seem to get my head around the fact that I should be doing some Christmas shopping! Sounds like Becky had fun, Dirty Dancing is one of my favouote movies but I've never seen the stage production. A night in a hotel is definetly a holiday!

  6. Sports Direct sell pyjamas?? I'm off there next!!! A night in a hotel is a holiday in my book! Karen -Early Rising Mum

  7. Yay for Stu's holiday, it is often to get time off at busy times in many jobs. My daughter has some holiday time coming up too. (Which is a shame because I like the peace we get when she's at work, lol!) xx

  8. Our holiday year at work runs January – December too and I sent out reminders recently about making sure people take their holiday allowance! How nice to be able to make plans with Stu being off. Sounds like you’ve got a lovely lot of Christmas decorations ordered. Not fun for Ellie getting cold and wet with the bus not turning up. Glad Becky enjoyed the show and staying in a hotel. #WotW