Tuesday 21 November 2023

44 today! Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me. Earlier this month I had to check how old I was. I couldn't remember if I was going to be 43 or 44 this year. When I was younger I would not be sure how old I was but now, I seem to have had that many years I lose count. I laughed at my dad a few years ago when he wasn't sure how old he was, I get it now. lol

Birthday cake

Anyway I am 44 today! I don't feel it most of the time, sometimes I just feel like I am winging it as an adult. I look at people my age and a bit younger and think how do they have all those plates spinning and then keep adding plates. I am sometimes out with Becky and we get into a situation where I am the adult and I need to take control and I stutter and stall wondering if I have really to be in charge. 

 According to some I don't look it 44 either. Sometimes if I am in a shop someone will glance at me and ask me for ID and then have a proper look and then say it doesn't matter. I don't know whether to be happy or take offence. hehehe I was in a shop a few weeks ago buying a bottle of wine and a young lass asked me for ID. I laughed and said I am old enough to be your mother and then some. lol She looked at me properly and then said Oh yeah, you are old. Thanks love. It's a good job she realised what she had said and was saying sorry, I'm so sorry. lol

I know Becky has bought me some trainers for my birthday, I know this because I of course had to try them on and Stu has got me some Harry Potter pj's and lots of other HP things which I couldn't be happier about. You would think I had everything Harry Potter by now but no, they keep making new things. hehehe

Where we live Tuesday is such a rubbish day to have a birthday. The Chinese takeaway, fish shop and pizza shop are shut and there is no way that I am cooking today so this afternoon me, Stu and Becky are going into town to do a bit of shopping and we're going to meet Ellie when she finishes college for a meal out. Then we're going to go to Lidl, my favourite place for snacks with their amazing bakery. With us eating early I am sure we'll be hungry later. 

There will of course be cake tonight, I don't know which one as I said I was going to buy it this afternoon while we are out. Yes, my family could pick me one but I know they would pick their favourite cake, not one that I would love.

Do you sometimes forget how old you are? Please tell me it's not just me.


  1. Happy birthday, I hope that you have a lovely day! I turned 44 last month, just last night I was trying to remember how old I am now!

  2. Hope you have a great day. I used to forget how old I was in my 40's and 50's, with three children all born in my 30's, a husband and a full time job. But now I am in my 60's and counting down to my retirement shortly after my next birthday I not only know how old I am (to almost the day) I sometimes feel that old and some days even older.

  3. So glad you had the best day! I will be joining you in the 44 club soon, hehe.
    And yes...I've had to sit and work it out too! What are we like?! xx

  4. Happy birthday Kim!! I hope you had a wonderful day. No, I never forget how old I am even though I would rather forget! hehe.