Wednesday 22 November 2023

50 before 50!

A good few years ago, a year before my 40th birthday I made a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned 40 in theory it was a good idea to have a list but it wasn't realistic. There was no way I could have done all of those things in a year although I did tick quite a few things off my list like getting something from Starbucks, going to the cinema alone, dye my hair a wild colour, wear high heel shoes again and plant something which will live longer than a month.

This time I am giving myself more time! I turned 44 yesterday so that's a whole 6 years that I have to get these things done.

50th birthday decorations

1. Get a tattoo - I have a couple in mind, I just need to pluck up the courage to get it done.

2. Go to a festival!

3. Go for a bottomless brunch - I love the idea of it, a bit of food and a lot of drinks.

4. Buy a stranger a coffee.

5. Have a proper fancy meal - One that costs a ridiculous amount of money with more than 3 courses.

6. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

7, Make a new friend - which is easier said than done as I am quite shy and tend to keep myself to myself.

8. Go to a proper Christmas market!

9. Get my nails done professionally - I have been growing my nails so fancy getting them done properly even if it's just painted without getting the polish everywhere!

10. Have a spa day!

11. Go for a night away just with Stu - Becky is 21 and Ellie is 16 so surely over the next 6 years it should be possible.

12. Swim in the sea.

13. Get a passport or some sort of official I.D - I am one of the minority who doesn't have any photo ID. I am thinking a passport would be a good idea as I can't see myself learning to drive.

14. Go skinny dipping - Why not?

15. Go on a plane! I have never been on an aeroplane, it scares the life out of me but it is something I would like to say that I have done!

16. Spend the night in a luxury, in a really fancy hotel!

17. Run 5K. I did start doing the couch to 5K but that fell by the wayside, maybe I can try again!

18. Eat lobster!

19. Look into my family tree properly - I have done the free weekends on the Ancestry website but I've always wanted to know more about my families history.

20. Still be blogging when I am 50 years old.

21. Go to a concert. Ideally it would be Bon Jovi, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi or Pink! 

22. Write a will.

23. Do Some Charity Work  - Not only will it make me feel great it could make a difference in someone else's life.

24. Get a pet - I am thinking a cat and ideally a rescue one.

25. Appear on TV - I don't know what for. As long as it's something good and nice I will be happy.

26. Learn to knit.

27. Make my own wine - My dad is making his own gin so wine can't be that much harder to make.

28. Go viral on TikTok.

29. Visit London and do all the touristy things - I have never been to London before.

30. Watch a West End Show - Hamilton or The Lion King would be top of my list.

31. Have my make up professionally done!

32. Be in the audience of a TV show.

33. Ride a horse - I used to have my own horses and ponies but haven't ridden in over 20 years.

34. Sleep on a beach - As long as the tide isn't coming in!

35. Meet one of my online friends in person - Nowadays I seem to have more friends online than in real life.

36. Go to a Wrestling show.

37. Climb a tree.

38. Go clothes shopping without worry about how much the bill will come to.

39. Go to a night club - I've not been to one in about 20 years and I would like to see what they are like now.

40. Get my ears pierced.

41. Take a cooking class.

42. Get a spray tan - I would like to be tanned but without the worry about what the sun will do to my skin. 

43. Throw a dinner party.

44. Eat something which scares me - That doesn't include green vegetables which I hate. lol 

45. Go out, out on New Years eve! I must have been about 20 years old the last time I did.

46. Learn how to blend eyeshadow - I’d love to create a perfectly blended smoky eye!

47. Have £5000 in savings!

48. Go on a proper picnic - A full on one with a checked blanket, a picnic basket, glasses of fizz, strawberries and cakes!

49. Go on a tour of Coronation Street or Emmerdale.

50. Have a big party for my 50th birthday!

What do you want to do before your next big milestone birthday?


  1. I am looking at being 66 next and the big thing will be retirement about 6 weeks after it. I don't think I will be making a list of things to do before then but I have a list of things I want to do once retired .
    including learning to make sourdough bread, learn to weave and learn to make bobbin lace as well has completely decorate the house top to bottom.

  2. I've only got 3 years before I'm 50 but I don't really do these as I rarely get round to doing much. I'd like to get to goal weight (or tbh just lose enough weight to be healthy, and stick to that. My 40th wasn't far off but it's all just been going downhill after the last attempt where I had been doing really well.

  3. Oh, what a fab list! I need to put one together too.
    Pink is amazing in concert, I had the best time! I hope you get to tick every one of these on your list. xx

  4. Wow, I can't believe you haven't done some of these things! I might think about some things to do before I'm 60, lol. I don't have much time though so I don't think it will be a list of 60! I may get another tattoo, the first one I had 42 years ago....err you would have been 2!! tbf I was only 16 and it was done by my boyfriend in his bathroom. (he was a tattoo artist at the time) xx

  5. I have just turned 40 and I am going to New York with my eldest in a few weeks x

  6. I love this list!! Can I come to Bon Jovi with you?? Haha. I would love to do so many of the things that you have on your list especially blending eyeshadow properly. I’ve watched many YouTube tutorials on it but when I do it on myself I look strange. Flying on a plane sounds like a good thing to tick off your list but I’m with you-it scares me to death too!!