Monday 6 November 2023

Our weekly meal plan! 6th - 12th November. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well but we did swap most of the meals around. I have found a Gousto meal that I am not keen on, the Lamb & Coconut Curry. It said to go easy on the chilli flakes and I thought I did but it was too spicy, although that could have been the curry powder in it. I couldn't eat more than a few mouthfuls and neither could the kids. Stu wolfed it down and took it to work the next day. The other meals were amazing, the minted peas, toffee apple gravy and herby lemon mayo were nice additions which I will be adding to normal meals when not using the Gousto boxes.

A few weeks ago our oven door fell off, one of the pins had become loose and a screw was loose. I thought I had fixed it but on Saturday while I was cooking tea it came off again and the hinge/bracket that was holding it on. I struggled to get it back on, it's not staying on even with Stu having a look at it so I think it's time to think about getting a new one or getting my dad to come and weld the bracket on which seems to have become loose. I think my dad will be the cheaper option. Eek! 

I have nothing on this week, well nothing that I can think of anyway. Becky on the other hand is going somewhere very exciting, somewhere I wish I was going. I will probably write a little bit about in my Word of the Week post on Friday when she has been and is home.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Gousto meal - Hoisin Pork & Mushroom Rice Bowl.
Tuesday - Gousto meal - Vegetable Samosa Pinwheel With Mint & Coriander Yoghurt. 
Wednesday - Gousto meal - Plant-Based Smoky Pepper & Tomato Soup. 
Thursday - Gousto meal - Sausage & Roasted Veg Traybake.
Friday - Fish chips and minty mushy peas. 
Saturday - Burgers in buns with fries.
Sunday - Some sort of stew cooked in the slow cooker with mashed potato.

What are you eating this week?


  1. I tried a Gousto box and even though most of the meals were successful I found the choice for the next box not to my choice. When I decided to pause my subscription they offered me 25% off the next four boxes...just a tip! I hope you manage to get your oven door fixed. I would love a new cooker but I can't afford one right now. xx

  2. I wouldn't be able to eat the spicy meal either! I hope you get your oven fixed so that you don't need to buy a new one. I'm excited to hear about where Becky is going, it sounds fun! I hope she has a wonderful time.

  3. My husband and oldest son just went fishing yesterday so we're having fresh fish tonight... and then I need to make up a menu for the rest of the week so I can go grocery shopping tomorrow.

  4. Mmm they all sound yummy! I'm not too good with very spicy food, thank goodness for human vacuums haha! Looking forward to hearing about Beckys excitement x

  5. Love the sound of the Gousto meals. It's a great way of getting out of a cooking rut as they're all things I wouldn't think of cooking.