Monday 30 October 2023

Our weekly meal plan! 30th Oct - 5th Nov. #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went to plan! We find it so easy to stick to it when we have a Gousto box delivered. I did think about stopping them this week as I am now paying almost full price after having a month of discounts but working it out it seems like we are still spending less. Adding the Gousto price for 4 meals for the 4 of to the grocery shop it's about £10 less than I was spending most weeks before Gousto, my family are really enjoying the meals and we're not just eating the same things over and over again.

Last week was half term and the weather was dreadful, we didn't really get up to much and it all went in a blur. This week I have a few things planned. Today Stu and I were supposed to be going to Hull to buy me a ring. I saw a gorgeous one from Pandora, the The Avengers Infinity Stones Ring. It was perfect for me with me loving Marvel so much and the Avengers movies but the reviews of it aren't great. The gold apparently comes off after a couple of months which is a real shame as I really liked it. Hmmf so I don't know what we're doing today, we might still go out but we'll see how we feel.

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - I am going to put some meat, potatoes and veg in the slow cooker to make a casserole. Beef probably but it could be chicken.
Tuesday - Gousto meal - Bonfire Bangers & Root Veg Mash With Toffee Apple Gravy. 
Wednesday - Gousto meal - Lamb & Coconut Curry With Fresh Mango Chutney. 
Thursday - Gousto meal - Swedish Style Meatballs With Mash And Peas.
Friday - Gousto meal - Basa Fish Finger Dog With Minted Peas And Herby Lemon Mayo. 
Saturday - Party food. The shops are getting all of their frozen party food in so we want to try some of the new things out before Christmas.
Sunday - I think we will go out for Sunday lunch if it's not raining.

What are you eating this week?


  1. The meals sound delicious.

    I am like you, I love getting the boxes delivered but the full price puts me off. However, it does make you think about having different meals to those which you would always have!

  2. I mixed up a delicious casserole this morning... only to remember that the oven is still broken. If it's not raining I'll run over and heat it up in my mother in law's oven or else we're having burgers and fries for dinner tonight (in which case I'll freeze the casserole for later this week). We are getting a new oven delivered this Thursday and I can not wait. It will make meal planning so much easier.

  3. We had a Gousto Box this week and last night I made cheesy chicken fingers which were a big hit. Not sure what I'm doing tonight but I might make the lamb kebabs. Or we might have pizza.

  4. The ring sounded so good, shame about the gold rubbing off. But lucky that you read the reviews first.

  5. Toffee apple gravy sounds intriguing and lovely. Some great ideas from Gousto. Great idea trying out the festive fayre from the supermarkets too :)