Tuesday 17 October 2023

Our favourite bench! (Again)

In 2019 I wrote about our favourite bench, the one in Amble where we always seem to stop and take photos. We have had photos on it from when it was just Becky and I in the early days of Stu and my relationship before Ellie was even thought of and then when the girls were little. It has wonderful memories for us.

My girls and I on the bench

We used to visit Amble at least once a year and always had a great day out. Amble will always be our happy place. The last time we were there was in 2019, shortly before we moved to North Lincolnshire. It seems such a long, long time ago and the girls were so little. So much in our lives has changed since then, thankfully all for the better!

The bench 2019

We always said when we go back to Amble we will have to take more photos and when we visited there at the start of September we of course did. As soon as we had got something to eat and our bellies were full we headed off to the bench.

There was of course discussions about who had to sit at each side of Stu, we wanted it the same as the previous one's so I had to check my blog to get the seating arrangements right. Then we had 5 minutes of giggling and messing about before I got a decent photo. lol

My family on the bench 2023

Look how much the girls have grown and have changed. There's no more Monkey, he is safely stored away. (Yes, we know he's a lion.) Ellie spotted a monkey in a charity shop years ago but we said wait and see if there's anything else you want in any of the other shops. She didn't see anything else and when we went back to buy the monkey he had gone and there was a lion in his place. She bought that and named him Monkey, he was part of the family for a long time and went everywhere with us. For Becky the biggest change is her hair, it's all gone. She loved having short hair and it takes her a fraction of the time to get ready for anything. She said she could never imagine having longer hair again.

So now we have an updated photo of the bench I guess I will have to get a new canvas with the photos on for our home. We have all the rest on the walls so this will be no exception.

Does your family have a special place that you like to take photos?


  1. Aw, I love seeing the comparison from them and now.

  2. Aww that's so lovely to have a special bench for family photos.

  3. Aw, look how young Ellie looks. I remember Monkey well! When did our kids grow up so fast?!
    Such lovely pics of you all. xx

  4. Those photos are lovely. I can't believe how much the girls have grown and changed in that time!