Saturday 7 October 2023

A photo every day for a year! 30th Sept - 6th October - Week 40 of #Project365

I have had a good week. I have got plenty of things done around the house and even fixed our cooker when the oven door decided to fall off, one of the pins had came loose and it was an easy fix. I did think we might have to buy a new one which didn't fill me with joy. I've enjoyed spending time in the kitchen cooking the Gousto meals and for once I have taken plenty of photos. This week I have actually had a choice of photos each day instead of just the usual one a day. 

The only bit of drama this week was Ellie getting lost, going to a place in town with friends and not having a clue where she was. Just when you think you have it all sussed with teenagers they go and throw new experiences and drama into the pot. I suppose it keeps me on my toes. lol

Now for a photo every day!

Bath bomb
Sims and a knitted pumpkin
Gousto meals
Nail polish
Jars and my youngest

273/365 - 30th September
I am getting into the habit of having a nice bath on a Saturday afternoon. Of course a bath bomb has to be used. This one was a good one.

274/365 - 1st October
Sundays are for playing The Sims, sitting under blankets, cups of tea and being lazy.

275/365 - 2nd October
A totally pointless pumpkin say my family but I love it. Someone on Instagram said "It's not pointless if it brings you joy". I hadn't thought of it like that, it is something which brings me joy so therefor it isn't pointless!

276/365 - 3rd October
Our meals from Gousto for the week. Posh fish finger sandwich with chips And dill mayo, Lamb Meatloaf with rosemary potatoes and redcurrant gravy, BBQ Pork Belly with apple slaw and chips and Extra Special Bangers 'N' Mash. They have gone down very well and the meatloaf was our favourite.

277/365 - 4th October
I have decided to grow my nails and thought I would add a bit of colour. This nail polish lies. It takes more than one coat and it's not long lasting. The next day it was all chipped and the most I had used my hands was washing the dishes. Hmmf. I did like the colour though.

278/365 - 5th October
I finally got some jars for the flour. They've been on my "to get list" for about a year. I did come close to not writing on the jars in marker which was self raising and plain flour. That would have been interesting when it came to baking if I had have got them mixed up.

279/365 - 6th October
We got Ellie's provisional driving licence form signed by one of her old teachers at school. She obviously won't be learning to drive until she is 17 but it will come in handy as some photo ID for the time being as she seems to be needing ID more and more. 

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  1. Love the pumpkin. The meals sound good. I'm wondering whether we should try Gousto or one of these meal companies. The OH is always moaning at having the same food - but then gives no ideas of what he'd like, and then has said he doesn't want so many dishes, it restricts what else is available to cook.

  2. I have yet to find an actual polish that does cover in one coat or last a long time! I love your beautiful pumpkin.

  3. Love your pumpkin! I’ve got them all over our house haha! And I couldn’t agree more, Sunday, Sims and a cosy blanket go hand in hand! :) xx

  4. That's a cute pumpkin! My daughter is big on that kind of nail polish #Blogtober

  5. Your nails look so pretty and I love the colour of the polish. I always cut mine short because I spend all day long washing my hands at work. If the water gets under my nails I get dermatitis.

  6. Love that bath bomb – what gorgeous colours. I like the pumpkin and the reminder that something isn’t pointless if it brings you joy. Those meals from Gousto sound good. Glad you remembered to write on the flour jars! #project365

  7. Well done on fixing the oven door! I love the pumpkin, looks pretty cool. I keep wondering whether to try the vegetarian and fish options from Gusto.

  8. I adore that pumpkin - there is a glass one in Tesco I want but not sure it will survive being packed away. Love the colours in the bathbomb

  9. We tried some fab meals from Gousto that we make regularly. At blogging events they always recommend grabbing items for flatlays so the pumpkin looks great! #project365

  10. It's not a pointless pumpkin, if like you say, it brings you joy. I gave up painting my nails myself years ago and get gel polish every 3-4 weeks. I love a good bath bomb and use them often, that looks like a great one.