Friday 13 October 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Watching! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I feel like the highlight of my week has been watching a lot on TV. I love how this time of year TV always gets good with Strictly Come Dancing, Bake Off and Super Soap week.

I love watching the soaps, Coronation Street and Emmerdale each time they're on and I always look forward to October when they always have a big week of drama. I am so glad Stephen has got caught out on Corrie, he was a rubbish Richard Hillman but Emmerdale has had me on the edge of my seat! Their cliffhangers have been brilliant, especially with the car hanging over the cliff and Mack reaching to save just one of his lovers. I may have screamed at the TV several times this week and we still have tonight's episodes left to watch. 

On Sunday night I was glued to the TV watching the return of Big Brother! I have been a fan of Big Brother since the first series with Nasty Nick, I remember stressing about missing episodes when I was in hospital having Ellie, thankfully I had a TV that I did pay for just to watch it. lol It did get rubbish towards the end of it being shown on CH5, there were too many people wanting to be famous or already a little bit famous on it but this time ITV seem to have gone back to basics. Yes, Farida was on Blankety Blank, Zak was a model, Noky won Miss Universe and there is Kerry was an Adele impersonator but they all seem pretty normal, well as normal as you can be while being on the show. Jordan is my favourite, he is from the town where I live but I am guessing he was born here but didn't grow up here, no one talks like him in Scunthorpe. lol

Last week I put an app on Ellie's phone to keep track of where she was and I am glad I did. I have been watching her location just to make sure she has got the bus home and I just happened to look just after 1pm on Monday and she wasn't at college, she should have been. She said she was sat getting some fresh air as she didn't feel well, I rang her and said either come home or go to to class. She said she would go back to college and tell them she feels ill and then come home. I didn't believe she was ill, I thought she was just bunking off but she came home and wasn't herself. Her college tutor rang and asked if she had got home OK and how was she, he said she looked ill when he saw her. Eek! Ellie ate her tea but went to bed early and fell straight asleep. By 11pm she was back up being sick. She really was ill but not for long, she went back to bed and by the next morning she was over whatever she had. Phew!

I have been watching the pennies for the last month or so, cutting back on treats and it has paid off. I have nearly finished buying Ellie's Christmas presents and have got half of Becky's. I just have a few things to order off Amazon for them and then I might be done apart from selection boxes and sweet treats. I am feeling very pleased with myself. I might have all the Christmas present buying done by the start of November!

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. I love reading your posts! I've been watching Big Brother too and didn't know this about the housemates! I don't think it's going to be 'pretty' between Fareda and the lady in the mobility scooter! I enjoyed some of it but I don't like the fussing and quarelling at all! I missed Bake off this week as we totally forgot all about it.

  2. Poor Ellie! Glad to hear she got over being sick so fast. The phone tracker has come in very handy! Good on you for getting so organised with your Christmas shopping. Every year I say that I won't leave it until the last minute and then every year I do!

  3. Poor Ellie, it has been a week of sickness in our house too, mostly me though...urgh! I hope she's feeling fine now. I have been watching Big Brother, It does seem to be more like the original program, what a diverse group of people.

  4. Sounds like there has been some good TV on. I only really watch Strictly but I love this time of year when it's back on TV. Poor Ellie. Glad she is feeling better now. Well done for being so organised with the Christmas shopping. #WotW

  5. I have been watching Big Brother. Jordan taught himself to talk like that by watching Downtown Abbey. I'm enjoying it and I'm finding it easy to keep up. Well done on your Christmas shopping. I have actually been getting a few bits but I'm waiting for Black Friday too #WotW