Friday 27 October 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Blur! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week seems to have gone in a bit of a blur, I haven't really done much but at the same time I don't seem to have stopped. Here we are again at Friday, (Thursday when I am writing this) and it really hasn't felt like the half term holidays. 

I am glad to say I am feeling better after last week of being sick with a cold. Being poorly meant that jobs didn't get done around the house so I have been playing catch up this week. Don't get me wrong my family did help out but they just kept things ticking over, there was not much cleaning done and the piles of things around the house which needed putting away were growing. lol

Ellie is at an age now where she prefers to do her own thing with her friends or on her computer although I have made a point of getting her to help out around the house. Little Miss Spend-a-lot needs to earn money somehow with her expensive tastes. Ellie convinced Becky to go to the cinema on Saturday to see the Taylor Swift concert. £13 something a ticket, plus the Taylor Swift cup and all the snacks. They had a great time and I regret not going now.

I had a rare Saturday home alone and it felt strange, usually Ellie and I get a meal deal from Tesco and watch Friends on TV. Not doing little things like that on certain days has really knocked me off kilter. Becky stayed out on Wednesday night which has really confused me as I am used to her getting up on Thursday morning and having the day off work, it was strange her not being here but she went off with one of her friends to see the Taylor Swift concert at the cinema again. It must have been that good.

Are we all sick of the rain yet? I think it has rained here every day for the last week. There was even flooding in the town where I live which I have never known happen in the whole time we've lived here. My dad's field is like a lake which is normal, he has a little stream at the side which always overflows but I saw on the local residents group someone asking for sandbags to stop the water and the fire brigade ended up going and pumping the water away.

With the rubbish weather I have been inside a lot so I took advantage and did some online shopping for Christmas. I made a point of waiting until Wednesday to place my orders so they would arrive on Saturday or next week but no, of course one package is arriving today when there will be no one at home. I am hoping the delivery person leaves it somewhere sensible if it's raining again.

I hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. It still sounds like a full on week for you all. Glad you are feeling much bette too.

  2. This half term has gone really quick for us too. My 2 go back after the weekend but my other 2 boys have 2 weeks off. Im sure that'll drag a little! haha. Glad the girls enjoyed their film, im not into TS but I've heard a lot of people say how much they enjoyed it. Glad you're feeling better x

  3. Glad you’re feeling better. Time needs to slow down.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. we have not had too much rain, well we did have some real downpours but it's not been constant. The Taylor Swift concert at the cinema sounds interesting. We're not really fans though. xx

  5. We babysat for my nieces last weekend so they could see the Taylor Swift movie. They were bummed that all the collector memorabilia had already been sold out though.
    We've not had a good rain in weeks where I am in Alabama so I'm jealous of your rain. I wish there was a way to distribute it more evenly around the world. :)

  6. I spent my week playing catch-up too after finally shaking off my cold (though I now have little to no voice I feel completely fine).

  7. Aw, I hope you are feeling much better now. It's surprising how you fall behind with things when you're poorly isn't it?!
    Glad Becky and Ellie enjoyed the Taylor Swift movie, it sounds good.
    The rain has been persistent here too. There's been floods everywhere but it seems to have dried up a little now thankfully! xx

  8. Good to hear you are feeling better. The Taylor Swift movie sounds like fun. I think almost everyone I know has gone to see it except me. I hope the rain clears up soon. Rainy dreary days are not much fun

  9. Little Miss Spends-a-lot lol I have one of those! Glad you felt better. Funny how some weeks can go so fast and you have no idea what happened to them. I hope the flooding didn't impact your home #WotW