Saturday 28 October 2023

A photo every day for a year! 21st - 27th October - Week 43 of #Project365

This last week has flown over in a blur considering that I haven't really done much apart from catching up on everything that I didn't do the week before when I had a cold. I am feeling better now and it's the weather has taken a turn for the worse. It's been so wet here and when it hasn't been raining it's just been wet and cold, yesterday was so misty but at least it didn't rain. I know it's October and I should expect it but it always comes as a bit of a shock how much I hate the colder weather.

We don't have much planned for the weekend. Becky is working so it's going to be mine and Ellie's usual Saturday with a meal deal and Friends on the TV. It's supposed to be dry and bright today so hopefully I can get some washing on the line instead of having to put it on the clothes airers. We will watch Strictly tonight and I don't know what we have planned for tomorrow apart from having an extra hour in bed with the clocks going back. I thought it was last month the clocks went back, the girls told me and I believed them. lol Poor Becky gets to work an extra hour, she works nights. I suppose it makes up for earlier in the year when the clocks when forward and she worked an hour less.

Now for a photo everyday!

Taylor Swift cup and washing on line
Gousto meals and TikTok Disney game
Hedwig socks
Battered Sushi and Christmas decorations

294/365 - 21st October
The kids went to see the Taylor Swift concert movie at the cinema. They had a great time and of course had to buy one of the cups each.

295/365 - 22nd October
Washing out on the line makes me happy! I got plenty done but I am going to have to remember that soon I will be just using the clothes airers. Ugh.

296/365 - 23rd October
Our Gousto meals for the week. They were all good but the pizza was our favourite.

297/365 - 24th October
I have been playing the Disney card collecting game on TikTok. I never got the Mirabel last week and still need Moana this week. It's so frustrating but I won't give up.

298/365 - 25th October
The Hedwig socks are out, it must be cold. My feet were anyway, the rest of me was warm but I couldn't get my feet warm until I put these on.

299/365 - 26th October
Battered Sushi from Tesco. We're going to try it over the weekend. I find the idea of it strange but I do imagine it will be so nice.

300/365 - 27th October
I haven't been the the auction near us for ages but I had a look around yesterday at the Christmas stuff they are selling today. It's all nice but to be honest a lot of the stuff has a reserve price on and you can get cheaper elsewhere and they have put their buyer fees up too. 

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  1. I rarely put stuff out to dry as we don't have a washing line. Sometimes I'll put my clothes horse outside if it's really hot weather. I do need to get a second airer, as I can't get all of our weekly darik wash on one. I love the party food that supermarkets have, but I'm not sure about battered sushi (not keen on sushi anyway).

  2. Can I just say, I really need some of those Hedwig socks! Haha, they are awesome. I bet they are super warm. It's freezing here today, I've got the fires in and my oodie on and I'm still bloody cold.
    I love the Gousto boxes, they cut down on so much food waste. Their menu choice is really good too! xx

  3. Battered sushi sounds weird! I'm so fed up with the rain, will it ever end! Only good thing is the temperature hasn't dropped too much yet... #project365

  4. Shame the auction was a bit disappointing. we have washing hanging up all over our house, we have a covered area outside we can dry clothes under but the air is too damp.

  5. I have already started using the airer inside and the tumble dryer too. I absolutely love those socks! Thats a shame about the auction.

  6. I’m not a fan of the colder weather either, especially with the rain. Poor Becky having to work when the clocks go back. I’ve done that night shift a few times and it’s not fun having to work an extra hour (the one when the clocks go forward is quite nice though!) Lovely when you can still get the washing out on the line. Love the Hedwig socks, they look very cosy. I’m intrigued by the battered sushi. Might have to try that. #project365