Saturday 14 October 2023

A photo every day for a year! 7th - 13th October - Week 41 of #Project365

This past week has flown over, especially the last couple of days. I have been busy, I thought things would be quieter for me when Ellie was at college but I seem to be busier than ever with various things. It's all good though, I have still had plenty of time for watching TV. The soaps which has been fantastic this week and I am loving the return of Big Brother. Yesterday I have started rewatching The Crown with the new series coming next month. 

As I am sitting here yesterday I am thinking about putting the heating on. We have had such a week of weather, glorious and almost like a summers day on Monday to yesterday when it was cold, wet and grey!

Now for a photo every day!

A candle
Kingsman and my fella cutting the grass
Christmas delivery slot
Gousto recipe
Shopping bags and a path

280/365 - 7th October
It's candle weather and I got this one a little while ago. It's one of those with layers of warm apple & cinnamon, gingerbread and frosted vanilla which are my favourite scents at this time of year and it the two wicks crackle on it which make it feel so cosy in here.

281/365 - 8th October
TikTok made me watch this film. I kept seeing clips of this guy singing Country Roads off the film Kingsman Golden Circle on TikTok which happened to be the 2nd in the series so I had to watch the first too, Kingsman: The Secret Service. They were so good, not my usual type of film with all the action but they were really funny and oddly had Elton John in a main part in the 2nd one. lol

282/365 - 9th October
It was finally a dry day so Stu cut the grass in the front and back garden, hopefully for the last time this year. I love having a garden but keeping the grass looking nice is such a chore.

283/365 - 10th October
The Christmas grocery delivery slots were released this week with Asda. I got the day that I wanted, not at the time I wanted but I can't really complain. It does seem too early to be thinking about the food shopping but it's a thing ticked off my Christmas to do list.

284/365 - 11th October
We had sticky beef satay wraps which I wasn't that excited about but they were so good. We will be making them again!

285/365 - 12th October
I got some more Christmas shopping done. I am almost finished for Ellie barring a couple of things off Amazon and I made a good start with Becky.

286/365 - 13th October
We had our usual walk out to see my dad, I waited until the rain had stopped and thought we would get there by the next shower, we didn't. It chucked it down but there was an upside, I found out my jacket was waterproof, I didn't think it was.

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  1. Wow ,you're good with your Christmas shopping. I've started but N's ideas are all really pricy, and I've got birthday presents to buy inbetween then too for my bestfriend, godson and nephew

  2. I love cracklewick candles and that one looks gorgeous, I am looking forward to the winter scents now. We have just done our final lawn mow of the year

  3. I love the Kingsman films, have watched them many times. I too am enjoying the soaps at the moment. Christmas shopping for family in Northern Ireland almost complete and ready to be taken over, the end of the month.

  4. The candle sounds lovely! I love burning candles this weather, instant cosy vibes!
    Oh I secured our Christmas Asda slot as well. I got ours on the 23rd.
    Nice to see Stu busy in the garden hehe! We cut ours the other day, I couldn't believe how much it had grown. I put it down to the amount of rain we've had lately! xx

  5. I thought I would have loads of time after leaving my main job and would get through my TV watch list but haven't managed to watch any! Completely fed up with the rain, been almost constant for weeks :( #project365

  6. I bet that candle smells amazing – perfect for autumn weather. Glad you managed to get the day you wanted for the Christmas delivery slot even if it wasn’t the time you wanted. I like the sound of the sticky beef satay wraps. You’re so organised with your Christmas shopping – I’ve barely started mine! #project365