Tuesday 24 October 2023

Halloween treats from Lush!

Halloween bath bombs are not your average bath time treat. They come in a variety of spooky shapes and colors from pumpkins and ghosts to skulls and witches cauldrons. I think each bath bomb is a miniature work of art. 

Lush Halloween bath bombs

Once a year in the run up to Halloween I always have a bit of a splurge in Lush and buy some of their spooky offerings. I love how each year they keep coming up with different things. The things I got last year are totally different to this years range.

Ghostie - Bath Bomb - £5.00

Ghostie Bath Bomb

One for brave bathers. Let the Halloween ghost bath bomb put on a show for you with lemongrass, Sicilian lemon and Persian lime oils that'll definitely lift your spirits. As your warm bathwater floods with colour, listen closely for the crackling of popping candy!

Bubble Lugosi - Bubble Bar - £7.50

Bubble Lugosi Bubble Bar

For mounds of skin softening bubbles you have to invite berry scented Bubble Lugosi into your bathtub! Charge this glow in the dark bubbler in the light before throwing on some Bauhaus on the stereo, lighting a candle and lying back in the bath with arms crossed across the chest. Crumble this illuminating bubble bar under running water. Then settle in as you're surrounded by bubbles, steam, and an eerie glow.

Magic Potion - Bath Bomb - £6.00

Magic Potion Bath Bomb

Transform your bath time with an alakazam! Watch the bright colours fizz and pop, casting a spell of warm. spicy, and fruity fragranced notes across enchanted elixir waters. Drop into your bath to release magical purple waters, bewitched with jasmine absolute, bergamot, and ylang ylang oils.

Pumpkin Crumble - Bubble Bar - £8.00

Pumpkin Crumble Bubble Bar

Light your candles, run a hot bath, warm your pyjamas and indulge in skin softening cocoa and shea butter bubbles. Soak in the creamy, pumpkin coloured autumnal waters while invigorating your senses with citrus top notes and spicy juniperberry oil. Crumble under running water and then slip into your perfect pumpkin spiced Halloween bubble bath, sipping your favourite seasonal beverage.

Screaming Banshee - Bath Bomb - £3.50

Screaming Banshee Bath Bomb

This wailing banshees's pairing of sweet apple powder and sea salty tears seal your fate, you're in for an otherworldly bath. Bergamot and grapefruit oils swirl around you, creating a bath time worth howling about! Drop into warm bathwater for a soak that's a real scream.

Screamo - Bath Bomb - £5.00

Screamo Bath Bomb

Wanna scream? Watch your fears fizz and fade away into cobalt blue waters, fragranced with a cheering cherry almond scent. There’s nothing to be scared of! Run your bath, drop in, and indulge in the ultimate scary treat for your bath.

I have already used the most of these bath bombs and bubble bars. I do love a soak in the bath, especially at this time of year. I think my favourite was the Pumpkin Crumble bubble bar and the Screamo bath bomb. The smells from them were amazing and the Screamo bath bomb was a bit of a surprise when it turned my bath almost black. hehehe

Do you like seasonal bath bombs?


  1. How cute! I didn't know they even made Halloween bath bombs. I thought of my little grandson when I saw the ghost ones. I think he's going to be a ghost this year on Halloween if he can get used to the costume (i.e., bedsheet) first. :)

  2. These are so cute. We have a Lush store in the city. I will have to go in and see if they sell any Halloween bath bombs over here.😊

  3. I love Lush! Their products always leave your skin feeling really soft. These all sound fab but I think the Screamo bath bomb would be my fave. xx