Friday 6 October 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Lost! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Happy Friday, I think. lol I am a bit lost with what day it is even though we haven't done anything out of the ordinary apart from getting the food shop delivered yesterday as we seemed to be running out lots of random things like tea bags, tin foil, flour, and cooking oil. Every day has felt like a Wednesday this week.

Ellie got a little lost on Tuesday. She decided after finishing college early to go off for a wander with her friends. The first I knew was when she text me to say she'd missed the college bus so I rang her to ask why. She said she was at a park but didn't know where, she'd followed her friends and didn't take notice of where she was going. I told her to head back towards town to get the bus and she didn't know the way! Thankfully her friends showed her the way but she didn't get back home until after 6pm. Grr! I wasn't annoyed that she went out with friends, I was annoyed she went somewhere and didn't know where she was. If her friends had left her she would have been really lost and I don't know what would have happened then. I was all set to put a track my child app on her phone but found one that seems a little bit more grown up, Life360. It doesn't just share Ellie's location with me, it shares my location with her too. It is basically a child tracker but Ellie said it feels fair that I am being tracked too and she can see where I am.

I am feeling a little lost on social media. Over the summer I took a step back from it as I had a lot on but now I am home alone more and have less to do I am feeling lost, everyone seems to have moved on without me. Twitter just doesn't feel the same as all the chat seems to have gone over to Threads and on Threads I feel like I am a shy girl, at a party, stood on the outside of a big conversation. I've felt that lost with it I have spent more time on Instagram and TikTok. lol I need to make more of an effort with Threads and give it some time.

When Stu gets the bus to work early each morning he always has a little snooze. Last week someone tapped him on the shoulder and said we're at Hull, he had slept almost all of the journey. It's just as well he was getting off at the last stop. Over the past week he fell asleep again and woke up part of the way and didn't know where he was. It turns out the bus had taken a detour as a road was closed. He missed people talking about it and felt a little lost. Again, it's a good job he gets off at the last stop. lol

The last lost thing was Ellie's favourite dress. It is made from the same material as on of my tops and feels the same so often gets mixed up and put in my drawer. We spent a couple of hours yesterday sorting out the drawers and cupboards in the bedrooms. It turns out Ellie had some of Becky's t-shirts and jeans, I had some of Stu's t-shirts and the dress was found in with my pj tops. Hooray!

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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  1. Lol. Funny post. Well, I hope you see it that way too. Except ofcourse your daughter being lost. I would have had such a panic! I am definitely lost on social media. I don't know Threads and when I tried to get onto Twitter this week (or was it last week?) I was locked out and had to sign in again. And saw something about X. What the hell? lol. I'm slowly edging my way back in. You may have to give me some lessons about threads as I haven't got a clue. Have a great week ahead.

  2. It sounds like you have had a week of it. Caitlin loves shopping with me but I went alone today while she was in college and missed her. I do like the sound of the tracking app though might look into the app for us

  3. I'm still chatting on twitter (although less so as work's so busy). I've not seen you there for ages. I'm not really a fan of Threads. I keep forgetting about it now it's on desktop. It's just really slow and quiet. Bluesky I don't really follow enough people to get chat going, and v few people I know are on there because you need the invite code. I think once people are at home over the colder months, it'll all be chattier again

  4. I think I've been a little lost this week too, in fact, if you had looked for my Word of the Week post on Friday morning you might have found it missing as I lost a day and thought it was still Thursday. You are not alone my friend! Scary about Ellie getting lost though, the phone app sounds good if she's on board. At least you can guide her to safety. xx

  5. So many applications of the word this week! Glad Ellie found her way back home with the help of her friends and I bet she learned a very valuable lesson.

  6. It sounds like you were all a little lost last week for different reasons. I know what you mean about Twitter. I've got a new account on Bluesky and it's really friendly, like Twitter was when I first joined. I'm using Twitter less and Bluesky more. I also joined Instagram but that doesn't really work for me.


  7. Glad that Ellie stayed with her friends and was able to eventually find her way back to the bus stop. The tracking app sounds like a good idea especially with it working both ways. I've mostly moved over to Threads these days but I've been fairly quiet there. I can imagine it was confusing for Stu waking up on the bus in the middle of the detour - definitely just as well he gets off at the last stop though! Glad Ellie's dress turned up. #WotW

  8. My husband and sons socks and black tracksuit pants always get mixed up now that they are the same height. It gets so confusing! My mum used to wear tracksuit pants and they used to get mixed up with theirs too, I don't know how as she was about half their size!! LOL. Lucky that Stu gets off at the last stop. After a long day at work it would be so hard to stay awake.

  9. Ellie was lucky that her friends told her the way to go. I have heard of the 360 app. We track each other on find my. I have already told Little E when she gets a phone it will be switched on. We like it for safety. Darren drives miles everyday and I can quickly check if I hear about a crash. I have felt lost on social media for a while now. I just haven't got my mind set on it. My brother used to always sleep on the train and he was the last stop. He would wake up others too when it reached the station #WotW