Tuesday 8 August 2023

Taking a step back from social media.

I am the first to admit it, over the years I have been addicted to social media. I couldn't do anything on a morning until I had checked Facebook and Twitter on a morning. Instagram I could always take or leave it but did always like to post at least one photo every day. I used to feel anxious if I didn't share my latest blog post first thing on a morning, I felt like if I hadn't posted anything in a few hours I had to explain where I had been and stupidly I felt tied to it, especially Twitter.

Social media

Since Ellie has left school I have had less time for social media. We haven't been getting out of bed until around 9am and I have been getting the jobs done around the house before I even switch my laptop on simply for the fact that if I sat down on my laptop, Ellie would be on her computer too. It's easier to say as soon as x, y and z is done then you can go on whatever electronics you want. We had such a busy July and this month is going to be busy too. None of us have had much time for electronics and it was the break that I needed.

Twitter had it's hissy fit last month, I missed all the drama on the day where it said people can only read so many tweets a day. I was off enjoying myself at the local show. From then on I was put off reading a lot in case I went over my limit, I never have yet and I still read quite a bit. People moved over to the new Threads which looks like a lovely place but I don't get on with things that are just on my phone, I prefer to do things on my laptop and I do pop on there now and again but I haven't found the attachment even though it feels like Twitter was years ago with all the chatter and nice people.

Since I haven't been posting on social media as much I have stopped the endless scrolling. I have found more time to do what I want to do. Spending quality time with my family, doing things around the house and having time to myself to play games like The Sims, keep up with Duolingo and reading more blogs. I am not worrying about having to keep up with everything online and I feel so relaxed about social media now.

Not keeping up with social media like I did feels very freeing! I don't feel tied to it like I used to. Of course I am still there but not as much as I was. I am living more in the real world. So if you don't see me posting like I used to, please don't worry. I've just taken a step back. Some days I will post a lot, other days I will post hardly anything but I am still there but just not as often.

Do you often have breaks from social media?


  1. I bet you feel like a weight has been lifted and suddenly you have more hours in the day! Social media is such a time suck - I try and stay away from it as much as possible and just do my own thing. I have to admit I wouldn't miss social media if it did actually implode!

    I haven't even been back on Threads since the first couple of days, so have no idea what's going on there. You enjoy your step back, it's the summer... enjoy free time with your family... social media will always be there! Sim x Hopping over from #MMBC

  2. I have never got into Social Media except for following variety of Blogs that I find interesting yours being one of them. Although I rarely comment and don't have a Blog of my own, I find it relaxing reading about other peoples gardens, drafts, recipes and hobbies etc.

  3. I have taken a huge step back from social media over the last couple of years. Facebook started to annoy me and I hardly go on it anymore. I'm really hopeless with Instagram, sometimes I post a whole lot in one day and then nothing for weeks!

  4. Thisiswhereitisat10 August 2023 at 16:16

    It is good to have a relaxed attitude on be reliant on social media, I think for many the addictiveness is where the problems lie X

  5. It depends; I abandoned Instagram as never understood it, never won anything and spent my time blocking creeps; don't do much on facebook either for the same last reason.
    We went interrailing in July (big holiday covering Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark) as we'd not been away since well before covid and also had a weekend awayas won a weekend pass with Northern Trains, so been away on holiday far more than usual, hence less social media.
    We have gone back to playing dominoes every night like we did when lockdown first started, then my daughter and I play Scrabble and Ludo.
    Was hoping to get a few bike rides in but between the wet weather and problems with the sole of my left foot, that hasn't happened.
    So I do try to have non social media alternatives on the go but I do still like a look at twitter, get loads of emails every day and sometimes enter comps - which you tend to need social media for!