Friday 11 August 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Surprise! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This past week has flown over which is a surprise in it's self as we didn't have much going on. It has been a nice week with a few surprises along the way.

On Sunday we went to church which was a surprise to my fella, Becky and I had planned to go to the beer and cider festival and he was dragged along. hehehe We were sat there with our drinks, sharing a picnic bench with a couple and their children, when the guy asked Stu if he was from Newcastle as he heard us talking. Stu's accent is more obvious than mine and he's louder. When we said yeah near there he was telling us about his mate who moved down here years ago and his accent has changed, the guy looked at me strangely and asked if I was related to Ben, turns out this man was talking about my brother. It turns out they've known each other for over 20 years and the biggest surprise was that this man and his family live a few doors down from us. I know we keep ourselves to ourselves but we never even realised. It turns out he's the guy who I curse most days for making a racket cutting wood, I can't be doing that anymore since him and his wife are lovely people.

On Monday I ordered Becky's birthday presents off Amazon, I was really pleased to get everything in one place to save paying extra delivery charges and of course I tweeted about it and Amazon replied and we had a little chat and they offered to send her a gift and the bonus was they wanted nothing in return apart from if I tweeted about the gift they wanted to retweet it. I thought that was so kind and didn't expect much but when the gifts arrived I was blown away, what a lovely surprise they were.

Silver necklace and jar of sweets

The necklace is beautiful and fizzy sweets always go down well. Becky was so surprised as she had no idea they were being sent. You always hear the worst about Amazon, the horror stories and not the nice things that they do like this.

Along with the gifts that Amazon sent there were also the Becky's presents which I had ordered. I am so excited to see her face when she see's my genius present. She is so hard to buy for but I think I have got her the best present ever. It is a lot bigger and better than I expected it to be. I can't say anything on here as she is in full snoop mood trying to find out about her surprises.

Yesterday I overheard a conversation which I wasn't supposed to hear. It's nothing serious, it's just someone who is rather petty. lol She is in for a big surprise when I bring out the paperwork saying she can't do what she's planning to do. hehehe 

We have no plans for the weekend. We are saving out pennies for the middle of next week when it's Stu's birthday. I asked him months ago to take his birthday off work but he forgot, he managed to take mine, Ellie's and Becky's birthday off work but forgot his own. We were going to get a Chinese takeaway but they are closed as they're on holiday so he's going to have to think about what he wants to eat.

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  1. How nice of Amazon to send Becky some extra special gifts for her birthday. It sounds like you've had a busy week. How strange your neighbour knowing your brother, it's a small world. I hope Stu enjoys his birthday even though there won't be a Chinese take away. I get fed up living in a city suburb but we have around six Chinese take aways to choose from, two Mc Donald's, several chip shops, many Indian restaurants, tons of pizza places, Nandos, KFC I could go on. The only thing missing is a Burger King, but apparently they are opening a new one to replace the one closed a few years back!

  2. Wow that was a nice surprise from Amazon, the gifts look lovely. As we say in our family you can't go anywhere! LOL! it's a small world. We are stuck for take away where I live, there's only really the chippy or pizza. Hope he enjoys his birthday. Karen Early Rising Mum

  3. That is so sweet of Amazon!

  4. How nice that a big company like Amazon gave her presents. Keep tweeting!

  5. I love the way that you met your neighbours - what a coincidence that they heard you talking :)


  6. How funny that the man who commented on Stu's accent is a friend of your brother. So lovely of Amazon to send Becky a gift after you tweeted about her birthday gifts. Hope that Stu has a lovely birthday. #WotW