Tuesday 22 August 2023

GCSE results day is on Thursday!

Later this week most 15/16 year olds in England will be getting their GCSE results, my daughter Ellie being one of them. I know I am stressing about them but really I have no reason to be, Ellie isn't worried in the slightest. I know my girl tried her hardest and the GCSE results really don't define her. The only one's which really matter to her are maths and English and that is only because she really doesn't want to resit them in college. We are hoping and are almost sure she will have passed English but at the moment it's 50/50 with maths. Thankfully the Engineering college course that she is doing in September doesn't rely on her GCSE results.

My youngest

We will be going to school on Thursday morning to pick up Ellie's results and we have talked about the what if's and what will happen. Ellie has said she wants to read her results first and then let me look. I have said that is absolutely fine as long as she doesn't dilly-dally over them. Ellie can't wait to see her maths result because her maths teacher said if she got at least a 4 (which is a pass) and a 4 in English him and her English teacher will do a dance on a table for her. hehehe. I will be holding them to that.

With Becky we never had the whole picking the exam results up with the majority of the other teenagers as we had moved house and they had to be posted to us. While Becky was reading about her friends results she had to patiently wait for her's to be delivered a couple of days later.

Ellie has never been an academic type of child/person. School was hard for her and sitting down to revise even harder but she did. Stu and I said that for every GCSE that she gets a 4 and above in we will give her £10. Thankfully we have budgeted for this and the most we will be paying her is £70. She did try an push it as each Science being £10 each but as she took combined science the reward is combined too. hehehe By the way for us oldies a 4 is an old C and an A is 9. I don't know why they had to change the results from letters to numbers.

We have been told by the school we can go to school to pick the results up anytime between 9am and 11am and I am sure we will be ready to go before 9am but we don't want to be the first one's there. hehehe

Have you got a child picking up their GCSE results soon?


  1. Yep Carys is going up to pick up her half gcse marks on Thursday. She is not looking forward to it. Luckily in Wales the grades are still grades. GOOD LUCK to you both x

  2. Gosh, this must be such an anxious time. I will be thinking of you both on Thursday. I hope she will get the results she wants. It's great that the college course she starts next month is not dependent on her grades, she will be doing what she likes and that's the most important things.

    Also, tell her not to worry if it doesn't go according to plan, there are so many options for her in the future. When I graduated, one of my colleagues (from another course, I didn't met him personally) was accompanied by his wife and their 3 children. I got a bit emotional seeing him so wonderfully happy and proud. I know how hard it was for me to study as a mature student, but for him, with 3 children and for his first degree it was so much harder. I admired his determination to do that. So, if she wants to study something else after 10 or 20 years, she can. The main thing is that she is happy with her choices.
    Sending hugs. xx

  3. Good luck to Ellie with her results. The kids over here get their HSC results posted online. Sam got early entry into uni to do a Bachelor of Nursing last year. So when his results came out he decided not to tell me what he got! Hehe, to this day I don't know and I never pushed because I was relieved that he got into the course that he wanted. Maybe I should do some snooping out of curiosity.

  4. Wishing her lots of luck with her scores!