Thursday 24 August 2023

Things that annoy me when using public transport!

Over the next month we are going to be doing a fair bit of travelling, by bus and by train. If I am being honest I am dreading it! Neither Stu and I drive so we always use public transport and there is so much that annoys me.

In the past I have blogged about how travelling by train makes people angry, yes it was over Christmas so everyone was a little stressed but some people need to have a little respect for others and chill out a bit.

Bus stop

These are the things that annoy me most about using public transport:

People talking loudly on their phone.
Unless the phone call is really important surely it could wait. I don't need to hear about what you are having for tea, what you are doing at the weekend or something you've just bought from a shop!

People refusing to give up their seat for others more needy (e.g. older passengers, pregnant women, people with disabilities, or those with young children)
I always give up my seat, especially if I am near the front of the bus for anyone who looks like they need it. I remember getting on a bus one day, years ago with the girls. Ellie was a toddler and Becky was about 6 years old, I had the pushchair folded up and was struggling but a group of teenage lads were sat at the front of the bus and didn't move until another woman told them too. They could have easily sat on the back seats of the bus, for me it would have been a bit of a challenge. Yes, you paid for the bus ticket but sometimes it's nice to be nice and make other people's life easier!

Very delayed trains, buses or trains.
I know things happen but I have been stood at the bus station waiting for a bus which hasn't turned up and the drivers stood around waiting for the same bus giving no information about what's going on. It's so frustrating! The apps are useless for tracking the buses here. Ugh.

People who push in when queuing to get on public transport.
I have had so many arguments over this in the past, especially in Scunthorpe. The unwritten rule is you queue at the bus stop and if that's full around the bus stop and let those who have queued in the bus stop on first. I remember a guy saying to his kids that nobody actually has to queue as there is no law about queuing it is just good manners. I said out loud to my girls, loud enough for him to hear if anyone pushes in front of me we will see what happens to good manners. Oops. lol

Feet on the seats!
Just don't. People who put their feet on seats just don't think about other people who have to sit there when they have left. I dread to think what they could have stood on and put on the seats.

Bags on seats.
I understand if you have bags of shopping you might have to take up a seat with them, I have done it in the past when the front of the bus was full with other bags but people who put backpacks or handbags down to stop people sitting down is so annoying! Ellie and I got on an almost full bus a while ago and there was the odd seat at the back, this young woman refused to move her backpack until Ellie asked if she could sit there and the woman ignored her. I said out loud she must have something really fragile in the bag because it needs it's own seat and obviously she must have paid for an extra seat. My passive aggressive tone must have hit home as she moved her bag.

People shutting windows!
Especially when it's hot. Buses seem to get extra hot in the summer if the windows are shut. I saw a woman get on the bus and shut the window after about 5 minutes because the breeze was messing up her hair. I know this because she was talking loudly on the phone to someone saying she needed to shut it because of her hair! Eesh! Get a grip!

People who try and make conversation with you when you're obviously reading/ listening to music/ not interested.
I don't mind a quick chat about where the next stop is or something like that but I don't mean to be rude but I don't want to know your life story. Hooray for my mobile phone that I can pretend to look at and be busy.

People eating!
I don't mind people eating as long as they do it quietly and the food doesn't smell. People chomping and chewing makes me feel sick and there is no need for some of the food that people bring onto public transport.

Leaving rubbish on the train tables/ bus floors/ seats.
Have some manners please. You wouldn't leave rubbish laying about in your own home so don't do it on the bus!

Noisy children.
Not the children who are upset for one reason or another or little one's crying because they are hungry. I am talking about those children who should know better with parents who obviously don't care about how much noise and disruption that they make. Grr!

Waiting ages and then two buses arrive at once!
Could there be anything more annoying!

What annoys you when you travel on public transport?


  1. I dont drive either but am lucky that J does. The annoying thing round here is that because we're at the end of the line it takes hours to get anywhere!

  2. I don't have to rely on public transport really as we both have cars, but when I've used it in the past I remember a lot of these annoying me too! Especially the loud eating (that does my head in) and the unruly kids.
    People who don't practice good hygiene as well and they smell awful! Karen's hair would have to get ruined because I'd be opening that window fully! Haha. xx

  3. I don’t use public transport very often these days. But thankfully it’s not too bad here. I do remember having to catch the train to uni and having to get on crowded trains and buses. It always felt so awkward to be so close to other people.