Saturday 26 August 2023

A photo every day for a year! 19th - 25th August. Week 34 of #Project365

Most people have a to-do list but at the moment I feel like I have a stress list and I am slowly ticking things off and getting the stress out of my head. We collected Ellie's GCSE results and she enrolled in college and has everything ready including her bus pass! Phew! This ruddy holiday we're going on has my head done in. I had a dream that the cottage we booked in January had been sold and the new owners knew nothing about us staying. I ended up messaging the woman yesterday to ask if it's all still good for our break away as we hadn't messaged since January and of course it is. I am so done with thinking about the train strikes and we have made other travel plans in theory as some train companies are still deciding what they're doing. Hmmf. 

It's Ellie's birthday next week and I haven't wrapped her presents and the house needs a good clean so those are my jobs for today as well as dying mine and Ellie's hair.

Now for a photo every day!

Cut grass
My youngest and sandwiches
Sims and flower
GCSE results and dress

231/365 - 19th August
I got around to cutting the grass in the back garden, I didn't want to and put it off for as long as I could. I hoped for rain but it didn't come. lol

232/365 - 20th August
Ellie in her usual spot, on her computer.

233/365 - 21st August
Sandwiches! Ellie and I take it in turns to make lunch and Monday was her day. I do love it when she cuts the crusts off my sandwiches and cuts them into quarters. hehehe

234/365 - 22nd August
The Sims. I have realised that I tend to play it more when I am stressed. It's a bit of escape from real life.

235/365 - 23rd August
My Japanese flower is back in my garden. It comes every year and is so pretty.

236/365 - 24th August
Ellie picked up her GCSE results. She was aiming for 3 passes and got them but not in the subjects that she expected. She will have to resit her maths and English but she has found out she can do that in November which is great as everything will be still fresh in her head from school.

237/365 - 25th August
Ellie bought herself a new dress. It is so different from the dresses she usually wears but it looks so good on her.

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  1. Glad Ellie got what she needed in her exams. Bet it's such a relief. Your dream is the sort of thing I have - panic that something in a dream is real, then thankfully it doesn't seem to be.

  2. Sorry Ellie has to re-take 2 subjects. Got my fingers crossed she does well in November.

  3. I do hope that the train situation gets sorted so that you can enjoy your holidays. What a bad dream about the cottage, I bet you were relieved when you woke up and realised it was only a dream!

  4. Having a stress list is not nice. Hope most, if not all, things on it have now been ticked off. Well done to Ellie on her exams. Love her dress and that Japanese flower is so pretty. #project365

  5. Hope we get to see the dress on! well done on the exam results. fingers crossed for your holiday despite the strikes... #project365

  6. The flower and the dress are lovely. Glad Ellie for that she needed but sorry to hear she has to retake 2. But like you said it should all still be fresh in her head for the retakes.

  7. Bless you with stress even getting in your dreams, but glad your holiday is all okay. I hope Ellie is settled in college by now. So much to think about isn't there. What a lovely flower! Good idea taking turns on sandwich making, I should get the boys to make mine some days.