Saturday 19 August 2023

A photo every day for a year! 12th - 18th August. Week 33 of #Project365

In my Word of the Week blog post yesterday I said how I had a headful of things about things happening over the next few weeks. The thing taking the biggest space in my head is our little break away and I thought I had it all planned and then the train strikes were announced which has put everything up in the air at the moment. I am hoping we can travel a day early and just get a hotel until our cottage is ready for us. What a drama. It was a cheap break away until now. Ugh.

We have a quiet weekend planned with no plans at all apart from cutting the grass in the back garden which desperately needs doing. I did the front garden earlier on in the week and that was only because our neighbour cut his and made ours look overgrown. lol

Now for a photo every day!

Premiership table and my eldest
Rain and sweetcorn growing
National Insurance letter
Blue handbag and blackberries

224/365 - 12th August
Newcastle were top of the Premiership League after the first day of the football season which made us happy! It would be nice if they stay up there but they play Man City today which should be interesting. Eek!

225/365 - 13th August
Becky in her usual spot on her laptop.

226/365 - 14th August
More rain! I am so over this weather, where is the summer, although later in the week we had a couple of nice days and then it was grey and rainy again yesterday.

227/365 - 15th August
My sweetcorn has grown more with new parts growing on the plant.

228/365 - 16th August
Ellie finally got her National Insurance number through the post. I always thought they came about 3 months before a child's 16th birthday but Ellie's was really late. It's her 16th birthday in less than two weeks.

229/365 - 17th August
Becky bought herself a new handbag.

230/365 - 18th August
We picked blackberries and ended up with more than we expected.

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  1. Ooh I love brambling but we've not been keeping an eye on blackberries here yet. The strikes are such a pain. Especially with you not driving so not having that alternative. Hopefully you manage to get a cheap deal the day before.

  2. Oh no, what a headache with the trains. Hope it gets sorted.
    I had to chase my eldest's NI number after she turned 16. They reckoned they had sent a letter but they hadn't.

  3. Your sweetcorn looks like it is growing well. Glad Ellie’s National Insurance number came through. Sounds stressful having to worry about train strikes with your holiday – hope you have a lovely time in spite of them. Lovely harvest of blackberries – we went blackberry picking last week but didn’t get quite as many as you. #project365

  4. Sorry to hear about the stress of the strikes. Proper grown up with an NI number! Fab handbag. #project365

  5. Oh no, sorry to hear about your trip with the train strikes. I hope you manage to find a solution that doesn't cost too much. That's exciting your sweetcorn is growing! I wish I had a vegetable patch in my garden. Do you have any nice plans with your blackberries? I love a crumble with custard.

  6. I'm still using up last years blackberries from the freezer. Love Becky's new bag, she has good taste.