Friday 18 August 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Headful! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I had to check if headful was actually a real word when writing this blog post or one that I just use that has been made up. lol The definition of headful. The quantity of information that a head will hold. At the moment my head is full of information, plans and thoughts. I feel like my head only has so much space and I am nearing capacity.

I have been worrying that Ellie hadn't received her National Insurance Number. She doesn't really need it at the moment but everywhere I have read it's sent out a few months before a teenagers 16th birthday and Becky's was. I did think on Tuesday about ringing up and asking where it was and I am glad I held off as it arrived on Wednesday. That is one thing that I don't need to think about anymore. Phew!

I spent Wednesday thinking a lot about 14 years ago when my girls went into hospital to have open heart surgery to fix holes in their hearts. A doctor has said in the past that I have PTSD from being in hospital with my girls, it was a traumatic experience for us all. I had a headful of thoughts thinking we were doing this at this time and that at that time. I was also thinking about the what if's. If my girls hadn't have had that surgery 14 years ago they probably wouldn't be here now.

My headful of thoughts are not all bad though. Starting on the 24th of August we have something on every day until the 4th of September, then a few days break and then 3 days of plans. GCSE results to pick up, Ellie to enrol in college, hairdresser appointments, things are on locally that we want to go to, birthday presents to wrap, Stu and Becky having a week off work, shopping trips, Ellie's birthday, suitcase packing, a little holiday, a wedding to go to, Ellie starting college, meals out, Becky's birthday and a couple more days out.

This time of year is always busy for us with my fella's and girls birthday's all within a month of each other but this year seems extra busy with it being their 16th and 21'st birthdays which are a big deal and we're doing more than we usually do. I am glad I have already got all of their presents, all I have to think about is wrapping them.

I have a headful of exciting times ahead but I am also stressing about how much can go wrong. Today we found out that the trains are on strike on the day we travel on our little holiday so we're going to have to make a new plan. I am thinking going a day early and staying in a hotel until our cottage is ready as that is fully booked before we arrive. I think the worst thing that probably will happen is it will rain and spoil our break away but we have coats and umbrellas so it's not all bad. Ellie starting college is worrying me, especially her getting the bus there and back by herself, well with friends. If she misses the college bus she will have to get the public buses and she isn't as confident in traveling alone as Becky was at her age. I know I am probably worrying about nothing as I am sure if she misses the bus her friends will too so she won't be alone but the worry is there all the same.

I am sure in 4 weeks time everything will have gone without a hitch and I will have a ton of stories and photos to share about our busy few weeks but at the moment I have a headful of plans, thoughts and what if's.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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  1. I can totally understand why you are feeling like that at the moment as there's a lot going on for you. The heart surgery your girls had would have been so stressful and it's no wonder you have PTSD. But it also sounds like you have a headful of exciting things coming up and I look forward to seeing the photos and hearing all about it. I used to worry so much about my oldest son catching public transport when he went to uni. He was not as confident as his younger brother Sam is now at the same age. It's funny how different they are even though they are brothers!

  2. Oh that does sound like a very busy time! How exciting that both your daughters have such milestone birthdays this fall.

  3. I totally understand how traumatic experiences like that can come around and hit you full on, no matter how long ago it was. I'm so glad your girls made it through okay. It sounds like you have a very full on schedule for the next few weeks. It's been a bit crazy here but the excitement is dying down now. We've still got Star's 18th, Boo's results and the return to school/start of college. xx

  4. A parents worst nightmare is something happening to her children. I couldn't even imagine what you were going thru when they were that young. It is such a wonderful blessing that they are grown and
    doing well! Take care and best wishes.

  5. Glad that Ellie’s National Insurance number arrived. I can imagine the girls’ heart surgery anniversary gave you a headful of thoughts and emotions. Sounds like you’ve got lots of lovely things to look forward to over the next couple of weeks. Good idea to go a day early with the train strike. Hope that you have a lovely holiday and enjoy all the events over the next couple of weeks x #WotW