Thursday 31 August 2023

What I loved in August!

Where did August go? Another month that has flown over. Before we know it will be Christmas. lol We have had another busy month with a lot going on, I don't want to wish time away but will be glad when we're a couple of weeks into September and things have quietened down. I can't take all of this busyness and excitement.

Heart drawn in crayon

In August I loved:

Eating out!
I keep saying we're going to save a bit of money by not eating out but we do love our Sunday lunches out and something to eat when we go to see my dad as there is an amazing little cafe 5 minutes from him. Usually we just have burgers but I fancied something different one day when it was so warm so I got a ham salad sandwich, it was amazing. The woman who made it got the ratio of everything just right and considering it was something so simple she made it better than I could. My girls and I also had an American breakfast out which we loved. I am sure Americans would laugh at it but we love these. Two fried eggs, two hash browns, maple-cured bacon, two sausages, four pancakes and maple flavour syrup. It's as American as I can get locally. lol

American breakfast

Some sunny days!
There has been a lot of rain but there has been some sunny days and we've made the most of them by getting out and about and spending time in the garden.

I finally got to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on Disney+ after missing it when it was shown in cinemas. I loved it, it was a fantastic ending to the trilogy. I cried way more than I thought I would at a Marvel movie but it was so sad in parts and other parts I cried because it was so nice.

Barbie movie poster

My girls and I went to the cinema to see the Barbie movie after reading great reviews of it. When the movie was first announced my girls were not impressed and did not want to see it but after reading about it and seeing TikTok's they needed to see it. I am so glad we did, it was brilliant, way more than I was expecting and I have had the Just Ken song stuck in my head for most of August!

14 years since heart surgery!
In the middle of the month we celebrated 14 years since my girls both had open heart surgery. You can read our story but the short version is they had holes in their hearts which needed fixing and in 2009 our summer holiday was a week in hospital.

I love Amazon most months but this month they excelled themselves. I got all of Becky's birthday presents off Amazon which saved having to pay extra delivery costs shopping from different places and I tweeted about it and someone from the UK Amazon social media team got chatting and offered to send Becky a birthday gift. I expected a few sweets in a Amazon branded box or a £10 gift card not the beautiful necklace and jar of sweets. It was such a nice gesture.

Gifts from Amazon

We have been waiting a year to watch the 2nd series of Heartstopper and it arrived on Netflix early on in the month. Ellie watched it first, then me, then Becky and then we could all talk about it without spoiling it for each other. It is such sweet show and talks about so many issues which teenagers face.

Leys Crisps!
Years ago my favourite crisps were the Walkers Tomato Ketchup one's but they stopped making them and I have heard about Lays crisps which are the same but never saw them in any shops until this week when we went in a Romanian grocery store. I got one packet which didn't last long and I have been back for more, I am onto my 3rd packet now which doesn't seem too bad but they are massive bags. lol

Lays crisps

Ready for college.
Ellie my now 16 year old is counting down the days for the start of college, she only has to wait until Monday. She had her enrolment day on Friday where she found out her timetable, got her bus pass and college ID. She has everything she needs and now all she needs to decide on is what she is going to wear on her first day. She wants to wear cargo pants but I think she is going to go for leggings as she will have her boiler suit/overalls to try on and she will struggle to get them over cargo pants.

Stu, my fella had his birthday in the middle of the month and was very happy even though he didn't get many presents. I paid £70 for a football shirt which I think was overpriced but it was what he wanted and he loves it. He had to work on his birthday but we had an Indian takeaway when he got home. It was also Ellie's 16th birthday earlier this week which I of course will be blogging about at a later time, when I find some time. She had a great day!

The beer and cider festival.
I like to do what I can to support local businesses and events that are on. At the start of the month there was a beer and cider festival and I didn't need asking twice if I wanted to go. hehehe We went last year but thought it was a one off as it was over the The Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend but they decided to see how well it would go again this year. We went along and saw my dad's friend who was serving food so we knew it was going to be nice. I had the best pork, stuffing bun with apple sauce. We enjoyed a few different ciders before coming home. The rhubarb one was my favourite.

What did you love in August?


  1. August has flown hasn't it? Cannot believe the new school/college year starts next week. Looks like you've had a lovely month! #MMBC

  2. August was so fast to me too. In August, we had few outings as a family that made us having great time. It's great that the Barbie movie turned out to be a hit with your girls. Sounds like you had a fantastic movie experience together!