Thursday 6 July 2023

Winterton Show 2023 - Day 2.

Yesterday I blogged about the Saturday at Winterton Show in North Lincolnshire, today is all about Sunday. Every time we have been to the show we have always found the Sunday a more relaxed day as we have seen all the stalls that we had wanted to see and can spend the day sitting around the main arena watching what was going on without thinking we are missing out on something else. Everything which interested us didn't start until midday so we could have a little lie in and we needed it as we had walked miles on the Saturday.


Just as we arrived at the show the little kids from the nursery were arriving to do their box parade. In the run up to the show they decorate a box, wear it and show it off. It's so cute and the kids love it. I don't think it's a competition but they all got a goodie bag.

Sunday at the show we always buy food and that was the first thing we did. Due to us having a lie in and not having breakfast we were pretty hungry. I had pork and apple sauce in a bun, Stu had a cheeseburger and Ellie of course had her noodles and curry sauce, she gets them every year. They are £8 for the tub she had and I think they are over priced but it's just a once a year thing so we treat her.

Roast carvery and tub of noodles

After the food we met up with Becky and her friend who had gone to the show a little earlier than us. They were eating pork buns too. hehehe We watched the show jumping for a little while as it was the younger riders and their ponies. I said we had to stop and watch as ponies are always naughty when it comes to showjumping and they didn't disappoint. They were refusing jumps, stopping dead in front of them, galloping off in the wrong direction and just playing up. The riders were fantastic and most finished the course.

The girls wanted to go to the fair so Stu and I offered to go along too and hold their bags and phones while they went on the twister. They are mad, they were complaining on the Saturday about how they were being flung about on the rides, woke up on the Sunday aching and still went for more!

The Twister

Stu and I left the girls to the fair and we went to watch what was going on in the main arena. There was the finals of the scurry racing and the pony club doing their fancy dress competition. There were ponies and riders dressed as mermaids, Harry Potter, bee's, the Grinch and other things. They were just brilliant.

The main event in the main arena was Stannage International Stunt Team. The stunt team perform stunts such as Motorbike Jumps, Fire Runs, High Falls, Flaming High Dives, Quad Stunts and much more!

Quad bike stunts
Motorbike jumping

They do seem to love the motorbikes at Winterton show but these were so good, they kept moving the truck further and further away from the ramp and the motorbike guy was jumping. I think they got as far as 10 trucks wide away from the ramp before he gave up, in his defence when he was doing a show the day before somewhere else he came off and dislocated his shoulder. Eek!

High falling

The finale of their first show was them falling/jumping off a raised platform. Eek! Rather them than me! Later on in the day they were setting themselves on fire and jumping off. Double Eek!

At about 3pm we went for another look around the stalls, the advantage of going to the show for 2 days we can have a good look and see the things that we want to buy. We bought cake, cookies, the most amazing sounding marmalade which is delicious and of course fudge! Usually when I buy fudge at these sort of things it's always a big bar or bag of one flavour but we found a stall where you could mix and match. I ended up getting Battenberg, black forest, Eton mess, creamy chocolate and Jaffa cake flavours. They are all so good and I am trying to ration them and not eat them all at once. 

We finished off the weekend playing on the arcades and Stu and Ellie went on some of the fairground rides again. By Sunday evening we were worn out but it was all worth it. On Monday it was Stu's normal day off work and we caught up on the jobs around the house that we ignored over the weekend and then had a lazy day. The weather was rubbish so it was a great excuse to stay in pj's and do nothing. The kids were so sore and Becky has a cracking bruise on her hip from one of the fairground rides.

Do you enjoy going to country shows?

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  1. Your Fair sounds fantastic and over 2 days as well, you are so lucky! The motorbike stunts look amazing, but I don't think I'd be able to watch. I'd definitely be buying the fudge though! x