Thursday 13 July 2023

The top 25 mum sins!

survey commissioned by Frankie and Benny’s polled 1,000 British mothers to discover the everyday mum sins that most of us commit. I chuckled all the way through the list thinking I've done that or even still do it with my girls. lol According to the study the average hard pressed British mum commits four mum “sins” on average each week, that’s a staggering 208 a year. I think a few of these sins now and again are the only way to stay sane when parenting.

A mother and boy

1. Pretending to watch your child's favourite TV show but scrolling through social media on your phone - I did this all of the time when they were little, especially when it came to films that they would watch over and over.

2. Having a secret stash of treats that your kids know nothing about - Yes and I still do, although they keep finding my stash so I have to find a new hiding place.

3. Using Google to help your child do their homework - Google was a lifesaver during lockdown, I don't think we would have managed without it.

4. Raiding your child’s sweet stash when they have gone to bed - Yes, especially at Christmas and Easter when they have far too many sweet treats.

5. “Borrowing” money from your child’s piggybank to buy milk or a loaf of bread - I used to but now I just use my bank card. I have borrowed money for the ice cream van recently though.

6. Coming up with a made-up answer when your child asks you a tough question - I still do that on a daily basis. lol

7. Sneaking veg into their food (grating carrot into pasta sauce) - Yes! Sometimes it's the only way I can get vegetables into them when they're not in the mood for healthy meals.

8. Polishing off your child's Easter egg when they are at school - Then pretending that I didn't know where it had gone when they came home.

9. Telling your child the walk you are going on is really short (when actually it’s really long) - I always do this and they hate me for it. We'll be there in a couple of minutes, it's just around this corner and I know it's not. 

10. Pretending you’re going to bed so they do, then sneaking back down to watch TV - I used to do this when they were little now I am generally in bed before them.

11. Sending your kids to school when they’ve got a cold because you’re too busy to have them at home - If they were ill I would keep them off school because I hated the thought of them passing something on to someone else.

12. Calling your child by their special family nickname in front of their mates - Yes and they hate it. lol

13. Borrowing their birthday money and forgetting to repay it - Nope, never!

14. Forgetting to organise a costume for World Book Day - Yes, I have in the past and felt so bad about it. 

15. Telling your child if the ice cream van is playing music they are out of ice cream - That trick worked when they were younger but not now. 

16. Forgetting non-uniform day at school - Yep and forgetting that it was a teachers training day and taking them to school. 

17. Hiding an item of clothing your child loves but you hate - I used to, especially when they were younger and loved dressing up clothes and wanted to wear them all of the time. 

18. Nicking your child’s phone charger - Always, but they pinch mine too.

19. Telling your children, the smoke alarms are Father Christmas’s spy cameras - hahaha! Of course!

20. Making up an elaborate lie so you don’t have to have their friends over for a sleepover - Or even just over for tea. I have done this plenty of times.

21. Pretending the internet is “down” so they can’t go online - And so they will tidy their bedrooms.

22. Forgetting to wash their PE kit so they go in with muddy shorts - Never!

23. “Losing” their console controller until they’ve done their homework - I may have done this once or twice. Their tablets used to get lost too. hehehe 

24. Following your child’s friends on social media to see what their up to - Oh yes! One of Ellie's friends makes a lot of YouTube videos so it's always fun to see what they get up to when they are out. 

25. Turning the clocks forward so they go to bed earlier - I have in the past.

Have you done any of these things?


  1. I was laughing all the way as I read this. I have done so many of them! When Luke was little he used to like me watching Pokemon with him. I wish they had social media back then because it was the most boring show! I used to hide the stash of treats up high so my boys wouldn't find them. But then they got so tall they would instantly see them in the cupboards so then I had to stash them down really low. This was a great read, I'm still laughing!

  2. Love this! I'm guilty of quite a few on this list. I hide my sweet stash as well, but my boys do usually find it. They are so nosey! Hehe.
    We don't fight over chargers now like we used to. I was so sick of not having one handy, I bought a whole load of them so there's always one spare now. xx

  3. Oh, now I know I am not alone. :) I've done some of these mistakes/sins too. Specially, I can't ignore my son's reactions when I call him by his nick name at the school. Thanks for sharing this list.

  4. I was literally eating some chocolate from my secret stash as I read this! LOL; it's not so much a secret anymore though as they all know I have it. I don't think I've done a whole ton of these though.