Saturday 1 July 2023

A photo every day for a year! 24th - 30th June Week 26 of #Project365

I have just noticed that today we are halfway through the year! Eek! Where has it gone and while we're at it where has this week gone? It has flown over, well at least for me it has which I am glad about as we have a busy weekend planned. 

I have had a busy week doing bits and bobs, lots of life admin mainly for Ellie and filling in hopefully the last of her forms for college. So far they haven't got back to me yet saying they need anything else so I think we're good. Last night we had a dress rehearsal for Ellie's prom, minus the dress. Trying on her make up and getting her hair right. It wasn't a waste we had a night out so dressing up was a must.

Now for a photo every day!

Jam and rain
Jewellery and chicken
Pumpkin flowers and white trainers
Can't of pop

175/365 - 24th June
Strawberry jam. When I went to see my dad on the Friday my dad said he had some jam for me but he couldn't find it. He finally did and dropped it round. It's home made and it is so good. I've had it on toast, crumpets, scones and even ate spoonfuls of it straight from the jar. It's nearly all gone, oops!

176/365 - 25th June
Rain and it was very welcome! It really cleared the air and it has been a lot cooler ever since. It's been a nice sort of cool. Warm enough to still go out just in t-shirts and a cardigan but there's no sweating and unbearable heat.

177/365 - 26th June
We did the last of the shopping for Ellie's prom! We had a look in Claire's Accessories and Ellie found a couple of things which will go perfectly with her dress. I did cringe a bit at the till when I saw the price of just a couple of things but the snake bracelet is something a bit different.

178/365 - 27th June
Our favourite chicken at the moment. Mango, coconut and lime chicken fillets. We had it with rice and noodles.

179/365 - 28th June
There are flowers on my pumpkin plants which is a good sign, it means they are growing! 

180/365 - 29th June
Becky has got herself some white trainers, I give it a couple of days until they are filthy. hehehe

181/365 - 30th June
It might look like I've bought a lot of can's of fizzy pop but they're the mini one's. I realised at the show last year buying a can of pop was about £2 and I wouldn't drink it all, these are perfect. I got 5 for £2 and they are just enough to have a drink.

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  1. We just made homemade strawberry jam this week!

  2. Time certainly is flying! The Mango, coconut and lime chicken fillets sound nice! And homemade jam is the best! I always try to encourage the kids not to get white trainers...they don't stay white for long.

  3. My previous comment went as anon sorry!

  4. Ooh love homemade jam. I always think that Claire's Accessories is a cheapy shop, but then if I go in it's not really. I suppose nowadays nothing's really cheap (unless they downsize packs!).

  5. That's great Ellie found accessories for her outfit. When Sam had his formal last year I couldn't believe how much everything ended up costing in the end. He outgrew everything from the previous formal and so we had to buy everything all over again. I told him that he needs to make sure he still fits into this suit for his wedding! Hehe

  6. Homemade jam is so good, I noticed the picture before reading your description. I should make a batch.
    The bangle looks beautiful and it is unique indeed. It's a bit of a statement and I love it. This must be so exciting for her and you too, of course. xx

  7. Those little cans are super cute. I buy the Tesco own ones now but they have just gone up in price. They were 4 for £1, now they are 6 for £1.50

  8. Those mini cans are perfect, I find the large cans too much also. The homemade jam sounds delicious.