Wednesday 19 July 2023

My favourite summer clothes.

I do love the warmer months, we had a bit of what felt like summer here and then a week of it being quite chilly, another warm week and the past week has been a bit hit and miss so when it is warm I am taking the chance to wear my summer clothes. Last year it hit just over 40°C which is 104°F and was a record for the UK. I don't want temperatures like that again but a little hotter than we've been having would be nice.

In the summer I like to be comfortable so tend to stick to long t-shirts and cropped leggings. I saw a fab t-shirt in Primark a few months ago and have since gone on to buy it in different colours and with different quotes on it.

Longline t-shirt

I always buy the t-shirts in a bigger size than I need as I don't like tight fitting tops when it's warm out, I like a bit of air to get to me.

I got some of these style of cropped jeggings off Amazon a couple of years ago and they have lasted really well. It wasn't these exact one's as I know I wouldn't have paid £27. They are very similar though.

Denim bottoms

If I am not wearing leggings, or cropped jeggings I am wearing shorts. I only have one pair of shorts that I will happily go out in public in, these type of denim ones, again I didn't pay the £27, I only paid about £10.

Around the house I am quite happy to wear any type of shorts but mainly stick to pj bottom type ones which are cheap and cheerful.

I am not big on wearing dresses but I do have a few favourites, some which are years old and some which I have bough this year.

The first one that has to have a mention is one that I got when I think my youngest was a baby. I think I got it from the online store Simply Be and I still wear it now. It is so comfy, pretty with the floral design and ruffles and looks a bit more formal than just a plain dress. It is very similar to this one off Shein.

I bought the green dress a few months ago from Primark and I was so much in love with the fit of it that I bought it in a different pattern and colour. They're so pretty and I don't want to brag but they look so good on me, hugging and fitting in all of the right places.

Usually I wouldn't dream of buying footwear offline, I like to try it on and make sure it fits as sometimes I go into one shop and I am one size and another and I am a size larger or smaller. I suppose it's the same when it comes to clothes but I am fussy when it comes to footwear. 

When I last did an order from Shein I bought myself a pair of shoes and some sandals. 

The shoes are great for going with smarter outfits but the sandals are amazing! They are the comfiest sandals which I have ever owned and worn. I can see me wearing them out by the end of the summer so a couple of weeks ago when I made another Shein order I bought some more but this time they're all black which I think looks a little smarter and more formal. I did buy them in a size 7.5 which is a little bigger than I normally go for. I am a 6.5 or 7 but I do have chunky feet so I didn't wanted them to be tight. They're perfect!

What are your favourite summer outfits?

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  1. I love cropped jeans, but I don't have a pair right now. I should buy one because they are perfect in the summer. I like the tops you've added here as well. Now I'm wearing more T-shirts when I'm out, unless we go out (like on a date) when I'm going for a dress.

  2. I'm wearing a lot of shorts and tank tops lately; it's been so hot and muggy.

  3. I live in jeggings. They are so comfy! And shorts are a must this weather, especially when it's muggy.
    I love your dresses, they are so pretty. I have a couple but I've never been one to wear dresses before, well apart from my wedding day hehe! xx

  4. I love wearing dresses in the summer! Weekends I'm mostly in shorts and t-shirts. I've never bought shoes online for myself. I always have to test them out in person for fit and comfort! My kids buy sneakers all the time online though.