Thursday 8 June 2023

My favourite things from our latest Shein delivery.

It's Ellie's birthday in a couple of months and I was struggling with what to get her. She seems to have everything that she needs and has said she's can't even think of what she wants apart from clothes so I got her to make a list of things that she wanted and I would order them from Shein. 

The delivery arrived last week and I was pleasantly surprised with everything and so was Ellie. She is gutted that I am making her wait until her birthday to get her hands on everything. I only ordered this early because I always worry about ordering from Shein as their deliveries can sometimes take a little while.

These are some of my favourite things that we ordered.

Two tops

Anime Sun & Wave Graphic Ribbed Tank Top - £5.99
I think this is really cute and pretty and it is quite a thick material too. I love the design on the front and that Ellie is wearing something apart from dark colours.

Cartoon Pattern Knit Top - £8.49
When this arrived it took me a few seconds to make out the picture on the top. It is so cute and it is a really soft material.

Fairycore Mushroom & Frog Pattern Button Front Pocket Cardigan

Fairycore Mushroom & Frog Pattern Button Front Pocket Cardigan -£12.45
I think this is so cute although it does look quite large. I am guessing it's one of those oversized cardigans. We could have probably sized down. I am starting to think Ellie has quite the love for frogs.

Dress and cargo pants

Grunge Plaid Print Knotted Front Lace Trim Dress - £9.75
This is a lot longer than it looks and is made of a really nice material. Ellie has already said that she is going to wear a top underneath it at the top does look quite low cut.

Patchwork Print Drawstring Waist Flap Pocket Side Cargo Trousers - £6.99
Ellie has wanted a pair of these pants for ages. They remind me of the tie dyed paints from the 90's even though the pattern is completely different. They are made from quite a thick material and I can see Ellie wearing these a lot.

Butterfly Print Lace Trim Cami Top

Goth Butterfly Print Lace Trim Cami Top - £5.49
I don't know how I feel about Ellie wearing this. It makes me think of some sort of negligee, it is a silky like material and really thin but even so, it's still so pretty.

Care Bear pins and purse

Care Bears 4pcs Cartoon Bear Design Brooch - £2.00
How cute are these! It's funny when I was way younger than Ellie Care Bear's were a big thing and now they're cool again. hehehe

Corpse Bride Graphic Small Wallet Stitch Detail With Zipper - £4.75
I love this and it was a lot bigger than we thought it was going to bed. It was more the size of a clutch bag than a wallet. We have seem similar one's in shops in town for about £16 so this was a real bargain.

Do you like any of these things?

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  1. This is the best way to buy gifts quite often. I've done it before with my sister. I love the froggie sweater!

  2. Lots of cute items! I remember Care Bears being huge when I was little too.

  3. That is quite the haul, Shein is great for all the accessories and the badges are super cute! My daughter went through a frog phase too, she wouldn't take her frog bucket hat off, even when bribed with money! Hope Ellie has a lovely birthday and enjoys all her presents when the time comes! Sim

  4. Lovely buys. I've never shopped at Shein before but it looks like it has lots of fab bargains. I used to love Care Bears! xx

  5. She got a lot of nice clothes! Happy early birthday to her!