Thursday 29 June 2023

What I loved in June! #LittleLoves

 I have decided to start writing about the things I have loved again each month, I used to do it last year and before but then other things came up that I wanted to blog about and it fell by the wayside but I am going to make a point of writing these posts as I did enjoy them.

Heart in crayon

In June I:


Lots of blogs of course. I tend to read blogs more than books now a days than books. I am really enjoying linking up with the Friday Favorites with Erika and Andrea. Most of the people who link up are from America and it is so interesting to read about the lives of people across the pond. 

I read that Xenophilius Lovegood, Luna's dad in Harry Potter was Lucius Malfoy's brother!!! Xenophilius fell in love with Pandora Lovegood who was a blood traitor and his father disowned him! How did I not know that, it's obvious now you look at them both. 

Ellie kept getting little notes and messages from her teachers towards the end of her time at school, some were on cards and others were by email. All of them were saying Ellie was a pleasure to teach and she has worked so hard. It made me feel very proud.


My family and I spent the weekend watching the Glastonbury festival. It was so good. The Foo Fighters, Rick Astley and of course Elton John were my favourites. We felt a bit meh about The Arctic Monkeys and Guns N Roses. Poor Lewis Capaldi had my heart breaking, you could see how much he was suffering with Tourette's syndrome. I am glad he's taking a break. 

Never Have I Ever! (Netflix)
The final season. Never Have I Ever follows the students at Sherman Oak High trying to navigate their senior year, finding the college they want to attend, navigating love, and figuring out the next phase of their lives. As Devi enters her final year in high school, she has one thing on her mind: to get into Princeton

XO Kitty (Netflix)
Kitty Song Covey, who believes she is extremely knowledgeable on love, moves halfway across the world to South Korea, aiming to reconnect with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae. She finds, however, that a relationship is much more complex when it is your own feelings of love at risk.

Sex and the City.
I saw that all the episodes were available to watch through Sky and I thought why not. I forgot how good it was. Samantha will always be my favourite. I then went on to watch the 2 movies and then And Just Like That just in time for the new series starting. 


I have been listening to the radio a lot while I am out in the garden. I tend to stay away from the stations playing music in the charts now as I don't know any of the songs (I feel old) and I prefer listening to stations playing 80's or 90's music.

Absolute Radio 90s

Stu has had an interesting time at work over the last month. He's now been working in the call centre a full year so got a little pay rise, he was the first one to hear that his manager was leaving and for the last couple of weeks him and his team have been without a manager. There is a little competition going where the team who gets the most positive calls gets £800 of supermarket vouchers. He has heard his team is in first place which is fantastic news especially for him because it means at the moment they can't disband the team and move them to new managers as it would mess the competition up. hehehe He likes the group of people he's with so doesn't want to be split from them.


I haven't been making much over the last month. I have lost all motivation for cooking as it's just too hot in our kitchen. We have a huge window in the kitchen which gets all of the sun from just before lunchtime until it sets. We have had black out curtains but it doesn't make much of a difference. Ugh!

I have made a start on shopping for my families birthdays. I got Stu a new Newcastle football top, Ellie a haul from Shein and I am so far stuck what to get Becky. She is so hard to buy for now that she works and just buys everything that she wants.

I have made a lot of plans for the summer! Days out and things to do around the house. This weekend we are off to a country show which should be fun. We've been every year it's been on since we've moved here so it's a tradition now. 


Lots of sun cream, so far we're making it through this hot weather without getting burned, well mostly! Stu burned the back of his legs and neck when he was out painting the garden fence.

Hats! I have realised that the sun has been effecting the colour of my hair and lightening it which wasn't great as I had bright pink hair, thanks to the sun I then had orange patches. Hmmf. I have taken to wear a hat when it's sunny out and bought myself a baseball cap earlier this week.

A little jewellery shop has opened near us and Ellie has been buying things and lusting after other things, she has been wearing this necklace all month and loves it. It is so cute.

Butterfly necklace

And Lastly:

My favourite blog posts from the month were:

First and last day at school. #MySundaySnapshot - A photo sharing Ellie's first and last day at school. I can't believe my baby is old enough to have left school.

My fella and me - Some Anniversary Fun! A fun set of questions all about my fella and me. How we met and who we are. 

How I became a mum! #NotJustAMom This is how I became a mum but it's more about the first time that I felt like a mum.

Little Loves and Friday Favorites linkys

The lovely Rachel Swirl has taken over the #LittleLoves linky which will be on the final Friday of every month so I have decided to join in and I will also be linking up with I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Friday Favourites.


  1. I read mostly blogs too! It's all I have time for haha. I can't wait to catch up on the latest series of Just Like That!

    Corinne x

  2. It's so great that you are linking up for Friday Favourites! I love reading about peoples lives from all different parts of the world too. At the moment I'm a bit jealous everyone else seems to be enjoying summer though! hehe. Good luck to Stu I hope his team wins the grocery vouchers!

  3. I watched XO Kitty too and really enjoyed it a lot!

  4. I loved Never Have I ever. I blitzed the final season the other day