Wednesday 21 June 2023

A Crystal Epilator Hair Remover. - Review!

Last year I saw these crystal epilators on TikTok and of course had to buy one to give it a try. I did mean to blog about it and then when the weather turned colder I stopped removing the hair off my legs as much so forgot all about it until earlier this year when Ellie decided that she wanted to remove the hair off her legs. So far she's got away with having really fine, light hair which didn't show but now she's at that age where hair on your legs should not be seen so she started using it.

Crystal epilator

Crystal epilators are handheld hair removal devices that fit into your hand. The top is smooth and the bottom has a crystalline surface which is nice, less scary way to say etched glass.

If you lightly rub the crystal epilator on your skin in a circular motion the hair will clump together and come off. The result is similar to shaving as you’re removing the hair at the follicle opening not at the root like you do with waxing. The crystal epilator buff's the hair off your skin and exfoliates it too. According to the adverts it means you can say goodbye to strawberry legs, ingrown hairs, skin irritation and razor burn and hello to softer, smoother skin.

Crystal epilator out of box
Crystals on epilator

Like I said I have been using it off and on for a year and more recently Ellie has started using it so I decided to buy another one for each of us. With the previous one it had started to take longer and more rubbing to get the hair off, I have read they last between six months and a year so the first one did well.

It is painless and easy to use although does take a little longer than shaving but I like the fact that you can use it on dry skin without any shaving foam or lotion so that saves time and evens it out compared to shaving. It is very handy if you are in a rush and realise that your legs need a little de-fuzzing. I have found it leaves my legs smoother than if I use a razor.

I have tried to use it on my armpits before but it is awkward as it is used best on flat surfaces like arms and legs although it is great for going over your knees which I have always found quite tricky with a razor, ending up in little cuts.

epilator in hand

I think these are fantastic for tweens or teens who are just starting to remove the hair from their legs when razors or waxing can seem very daunting. Ellie has got on well with it and can use it easily.

I have read that some people do get some irritation from using a crystal epilator as they have sensitive skin but we have been fine. Ellie did get a little redness the first time she used the crystal epilator but that was because she was pressing too hard and she soon realised that she didn't have to be so forceful.

Not only are these a faff free way of removing hair, using them does a bit for our planet too as they are reusable and there is no waste from them for at least a year and you don't even have to run any water.

Last year when I bought one and they were all hyped up I paid around £9.99 but this time they cost just over £4 off Ebay with free delivery but they are also sold on Amazon and other websites which sell beauty products. I think paying under £5 for something that lasts a year is great value for money.

Have you used one of these Crystal Epilator Hair Remover's before? How did you get on with it?


  1. That's really interesting to read! I think my daughter is going to be wanting hair removal soon and I'm wary about letting her loose with a razor so this seems like a really good option, and really good value too.

  2. Oh WOW I had never hear of anything like this. It sounds great!

    Allie of

  3. I have never heard of these before but they do sound great. I remember being so self conscious about my leg hair when I turned 13. I used my dad’s old fashioned razor and almost massacred my poor legs.

  4. Oh I'm intrigued! I've not long bought a Braun epilator after using razors and lady shaves for years. I've not tried a crystal epilator before though. It sounds really good with little faff. xx

  5. I really like mine, although I did pay more for it - won't in future after seeing your prices! I rarely have my legs on show, but I agree over the knees is good. (I have gone against what they said and used it on my chin when I've not been able to go threading. You're not meant to, but it works well, although obviously isn't soft hair that grows through - but definitely thins it out and avoids random chin hairs growing out!)