Friday 2 June 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Shopping! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week has flown over, it always seems to when we have school holidays. I think this one has gone extra fast because Ellie only has a couple more weeks of school left. We have enjoyed the break, Ellie really did need it and I didn't realise how much until last Saturday morning when she struggled to get out of bed, I just let her sleep until lunch time. I think having 2 days with two exams really took it out of her.

Anyway, this week has all been about relaxing and fun. The weather over the weekend was lovely, when Ellie and I had a walk to the shop it felt like we were melting and we hoped that the nice weather would last all week, it didn't. Hmmf. We had planned a BBQ on Monday and there was the disaster with my food shop delivery where the van was faulty and my frozen food was defrosted and chilled stuff warm and then Monday morning being quite chilly we didn't think it was going to happen but the sun did start to appear just after lunch and by tea time it was the perfect weather so off to the shop we went to get burgers, sausages and buns!

The girls and I went to Hull on Tuesday, just for a look around the shops and a McDonalds. We had a lot of fun. I dyed my hair over the weekend and so many random strangers commented on it saying they loved it and how bright it was. One of the homeless guys begging for money asked me for spare change, I really didn't have any and said sorry and he said no problem, by the way I love your hair, it looks awesome. I went into Tesco and bought him a meal deal. hehehe It's nice to be nice. 

The other big excitement from our shopping trip was Ellie getting her ears pierced! She has been asking for years and with the warnings from the doctors about how an infection could effect her heart I wanted to make sure she would look after them. She has been doing great and she loves the little studs but is counting down the 6 weeks until she can pick her own earrings. lol When we were in Primark she picked about 20 sets out but I said to her that I would rather she spent a little bit more money and stayed away from the cheap one's until her ears are fully used to earrings in about 6 months or so. I don't want to take any more risks.

We didn't actually buy much, it was more of a shopping trip just to have a day out and a look around which was nice. We met Stu when he was on his lunch break and got attacked by the pigeons, seagulls and ducks. It was so random seeing ducks in the middle of the town, I am guessing they came from over near the river.

Ellie has been saving her money as she has a lot of things to buy. She thinks it's stupid that as you get older you have to buy presents for people for things like their birthdays. lol Her boyfriends birthday is at the end of the month so she got him a little something, a couple of her teachers some thank you gifts and some presents for Father's Day. I have been overpaying her for jobs that she has been doing around the house but I think she would rather keep that money for herself than spend it on other people. lol

My big Shein order was delivered during the week. Ellie had given me a list of things that she wanted and I ordered it along with a couple of outfits for me for a wedding we're going to later in the year. One is perfect so we are all sorted now! Hooray. I also took a risk and ordered some sandals. I usually like to try footwear on before buying but the risk payed off. The sandals fit perfectly and they are so, so comfy! I am tempted to buy another pair as they are the best one's that I have had in years!

We had a day at home on Wednesday, we needed a lazyish day, well apart from catching up on the housework then on Thursday we were shopping again. There's a little shopping centre near where my dad lives, it's all handmade and independent shops and we got some lovely things, more gifts for teachers and Father's Day.

Today I have the food shop being delivered. I have got it from Tesco this week as for the last 3 weeks Asda hasn't been great with their unavailable items and substitutions then for the rest of the weekend I won't be spending anymore money, well unless the weather is nice and we decide to go out for lunch on Sunday.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

Word of the Week


  1. It sounds like a lovely shopping week. I hope Ellie is rested and ready for the rest of her exams too. Before you know it, you will all have more time to go shopping and get her those earrings. Sorry to hear about your Asda delivery. I sometimes wonder about the substitutions they do too! Like once we wanted a whole coconut and got hazelnuts instead.

  2. What a lovely relaxed week you had. How exciting for Ellie to get her ears pierced. I agree that it’s a great idea to stay away from cheap earrings. When I was a teenager I used to buy the cheap dangly earrings and I remember one time my ears were so sore and even the glands on my neck were swollen. How silly was I !!! Anyway I hope you get some nice warm weather this weekend and the shopping gets delivered properly xx

  3. Are you going to share pictures of your Shein order? I find their styles/fabrics can be real hit or miss and I'm always curious to see and hear what others think of their products. It sounds like you had a lovely little vacation. I was always so bad at buying the cheap earrings but try to stick mainly to hypoallergenic ones now.

  4. What a great week of shopping. It's been a long time since I actually went out shopping properly, especially for clothes. It's Boo's birthday soon so I may take her for look for some new clothes. I hope you have less trouble with your online food shops. #wotw xx

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely half-term. Ours flew by too. What a nightmare with the food shop – glad you got your BBQ though. How lovely for Ellie to get her ears pierced. Good advice to stay away from the cheaper earrings for now to reduce any infection risk. Glad the new sandals fit well and are comfy – it’s always tricky buying shoes online as you never know quite how they’ll fit but glad the risk paid off. #WotW

  6. It sounds like you had a really nice half term together. Lots of shopping, I feel like I haven't been shopping for ages but I really need some new bits! We keep talking about ear piercing. Little E is talking about having her ears done but it worried about the pain. I have had mine down twice, both times they closed up. I said I might get mine done again with her #WotW