Saturday 10 June 2023

A photo every day for a year! 3rd - 9th June Week 23 of #Project365

I've had a strange week, it's been nice to have a bit of calm after half term but being left alone on my own had me overthinking lots of things which didn't need to be over thought. Yesterday I was feeling much better about things as I had sorted a few things and ticked things off my enormous to do list. I bought the train tickets for us going away later in the year early and I'm glad I did. If I waited until the day I was supposed to buy them I would have been paying about £15 extra.

It looks like we're in for a sunny weekend! It's going to mess with my meal planning though, I think we might have to have a BBQ tonight and visit the pub beer garden tomorrow. hehehe

Now for a photo every day! 

Meal deal and me in shorts
flowers and an epilator
Train tickets
Plants and breakfast

154/365 - 3rd June
Ellie and I love a meal deal on a Saturday for lunch, it has become our thing as Stu is at work and Becky is always sleeping for or after work. She loves going to the shop for it and always gets the best one. Sometimes it's Tesco but this time was Co-Op. I love the satay sticks with sweet chilli sauce.

155/365 - 4th June
Ellie got these shorts a couple of weeks ago and said they didn't fit her, they were too big. I tried them on thinking she meant big around the waist, no it was the length she meant. On me they were rather tight but did do a good job of holding my wobbly bits in. hehehe

156/365 - 5th June
Flowers! Reduced one's and they are still going strong now, they look no different to when I bought them. 

157/365 - 6th June
A big coincidence came up on my Facebook memories. The new crystal epilators arrived that I ordered over the weekend, I had to buy two this time as Ellie has started using mine. On my FB memories it was a year since my first one was delivered.

158/365 - 7th June
The train tickets arrived! All 20 odd of them. lol I would much rather have them in paper form than rely on an app on my phone, there is too much that can go wrong like having no battery or the app not working. Eek!

159/365 - 8th June
I have been worried about my plants, they had grey marks on them. I thought they were infected until I was in the garden and wondered to myself when my fella is going to finish painting the fence. It then dawned on me that the grey spots were paint!! lol My plants are fine!

160/365 - 9th June
We decided to try our local pub for breakfast. They have only just started opening at 10am and doing breakfasts. £8.50 each with any soft drink which I think is quite reasonable, especially for the quality. We could even choose whether we wanted scrambled, poached or fried eggs. We will be back again.

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful! I love going out for breakfast! It looks delicious!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Well done and getting a good deal on train tickets. Breakfast at a local pub sounds wonderful

  3. Nice that the flowers lasted. That's a lot of tickets. I'm presuming they were split tickets hence the huge number? I need to sort out our tickets for Wimbledon day and a work day, but for the work one I need an open single to get home and the system we use doesn't seem to watch to get me that.

  4. Wit woo, nice legs! I've been wearing shorts and 3/4 leggings the past week. This heat is something else.
    I've not long bought an epilator. I've always used razors and lady shaves until now. At first I was a bit..oh god that's a bit gnarly haha! But now I'm used to it I'm really liking the change.
    The breakfast looks so good, how fab that you have that on your doorstep. xx

  5. That happened to me once with my plants. My hubby had painted the shed and had splashed paint all over my plants and I thought they were diseased.

  6. Oops to the paint with the plants, that did make me laugh. We're off to the pub this Sunday with friends for a breakfast, been a while since we have done that