Tuesday 20 June 2023

My fella and me - Some Anniversary Fun!

This month Stu and I have been together for 17 years! We don't have an exact date of the day we met we just know it was a Friday sometime in June. We have narrowed it down to either the 16th or 23rd. lol 

A few weeks ago I saw a post from Joanne at Slices of Life about her and her husbands anniversary with some great questions and I thought I would borrow the questions to share a little bit more about Stu and me.

Stu and me

How did you meet?
We met online on one of those free dating websites where you made a profile and them messaged people that you had an interest in. We are proof that internet dating works sometimes. We chatted online using the dating website first then progressed to MSN Messenger (remember that?) and then finally moved to texting and phone calls. The first time I spoke to him on the phone was funny, he sounded so Geordie, he didn't live in Newcastle but did sound like he did, he just lived further up in the North East than me. He also spoke so fast too and still does but I have got used to it and now sometimes speak too quickly. Oops.

First date?
Our first date was the day that we actually met in person. I dropped Becky off at nursery on the afternoon knowing that she was spending the weekend with her real dad and I went off with my friend into town to meet Stu in a pub! We were both so nervous. We hit it off straight away, phew and he had booked himself into a B&B but we ended going to my friends house for a unplanned party, didn't leave until the early hours of the morning and he spent the night on my sofa. He stayed for a couple more nights (on the sofa) and we got to know each other properly. 

I know it was probably stupid inviting basically a stranger into my home but we had been speaking for months online and 17 years ago things seemed different then.

Me and my fella

How long have you been together?
Around about 17 years. It really doesn't seem that long, time really does fly when you are having fun.

Age difference?
There is 6 years between us. Stu is older than me.

Who was interested first?
I don't really remember. I think we both liked each others profile on the dating website and I might of messaged him first.


Who said I love you first?
I think it was Stu but I did feel the same. Us being together just seemed right.

Most impatient?
Me, especially when we are getting ready to go out anywhere. I take ages to get ready and Stu will say he's ready but then when we are about to leave the house he finds a million things that he has to do. hehehe

Most sensitive?
Me and I wish sometimes Stu was a little more sensitive but it's a good thing sometimes when I am worrying about something and overthinking, he just see's it in black and white with no grey areas.

Stu, especially on a morning when he's getting ready for work or laid in bed snoring.

Most stubborn?
Me. If I decide on something that's it, my mind can't be changed. Stu thinks he is stubborn but I can talk him round to most things. hehehe

Falls asleep first?
Him. He has to as he has to be up a couple of hours before me. Even on a weekend when we go to bed at the same time I will stay awake longer looking at my phone.

Cooks better?
Us both, we are both better at cooking different things. I am better at cooking main meals and he is better at cooking things like toasties, bacon sandwiches and anything to do with eggs.

Better morning person? 
Him. I hate mornings and I am not a nice person until I have been up for at least an hour. I find it such a chore to get up early but he never has a lie in.

photos of me and my fella

Most competitive?
Me I think. He is so laid back that he can't be bothered to compete with anyone. 

I think we both are just as funny as each other. We make each other laugh anyway.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
A local cafe. We go most weeks at least once. If it's not on his day off on a Monday it will be for Sunday lunch.

Who is more social?
Neither of us really. We like our own company.

Who is a neat freak?
Stu! I like a clean and tidy house but when Stu isn't at work he cracks on and does most of the housework before I've even had my first coffee of the day. His desk is also so organised, everything has a place and he knows where everything is.

Where was your first kiss?
It was the day that we first met, probably an hour or so after getting to know each other in person.

How long did it take to get serious?
We had been speaking online so when we met in person it felt like we already knew each other really well. Things moved quickly. I met Stu in person in the June and we had moved in together by the October and I had fell pregnant with Ellie by the end of December. 

Who's indecisive?
I would say me.

Us in our xmas pjs

Who spends more?
It's hard to say. I am in charge with buying everything for the house and birthday and Christmas presents but he is in charge when it comes to buying the big things like electronics, furniture and of course things for his computer which cost a small fortune. 

Who is the first one to admit they are wrong?
Not me! Stu is the type of person who want's an easy life so will do anything he can to get that so if he is in the wrong he will say it just to calm the mood.

Has more tattoos?
Stu, he has one.

Who sings better?
I would say him but he would probably say me.

Who hogs the remote?
Neither of us, we don't often watch TV together. The only time we do is on a Saturday night and we watch Britain's Got Talent and things like that. He will go upstairs to watch TV and it's usually football.

Where is the furthest you have ever travelled?
We haven't really travelled together, I think the furthest was when we moved house from Northumberland to here in Scunthorpe.

How long have you been with your significant other?


  1. Lovely to get to know more about you and Stu, you sound like you compliment each other perfectly. If I wrote this then it would be that I was more like Stu and Graham like you. We know the exact date we got together because it was my birthday, we also got married on my birthday. I did know him for about 12 years before though as we were neighbours, but we just spoke in the street to say hello or over the garden in the summer. We've been together 22 years this year! Oh, wait...he does have something in common with Stu, he goes upstairs to watch football on the tv while I watch what I want downstairs. Ha, Men and their football! xx

  2. Happy anniversary!!! I love the questions and the answers.

    We have our wedding anniversary this month, so I might do this questionnaire as well.

  3. 17 years! That's amazing! I met my husband online too :)

    Corinne x

  4. This is cute! I met my other half online too! #MMBC

  5. Happy anniversary! I loved getting to know more about how you both met, those are some great questions. Steve is six years older than I am too. It's great always being the younger woman hehe! I'm tempted to borrow Joanne's questions for our anniversary in January.

  6. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! 17 years is marvelous - I'm wishing many more years of happiness.

  7. This was so fun to read and happy anniversary!

  8. Thisiswhereitisat24 June 2023 at 16:18

    Aw this is so cute and happy anniversary X