Friday 9 June 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Overthinking! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I have had a really quiet week. I haven't really done much apart from the housework and I have just been pottering around the house. I think after having such a busy half term I needed this quiet time but I seem to have spent the week overthinking things and fretting about things out of my control. I do annoy myself sometimes. If I had plans and things planned I wouldn't have spent my week overthinking.

I always want my Word of the Week to be a positive one but that isn't real life, sometimes my weeks are a little Meh! The good thing is in all of my negatives and worries I have found positives and ways around the problems. There was nothing to worry about. 

We are going away later in the year and it was almost time to book the train tickets. What day we come back from our little break depends on when Ellie starts college. I have booked a cottage from the Friday to the Monday, when I did I thought the college reopened on the Tuesday but the college actually reopens on the Monday. I have emailed and they can't tell me whether Ellie will be expected in on the Monday or later in the week. Ugh. So I have booked the train tickets to come back on the Sunday with the hope of if we do decide to come back on the Monday I can change the ticket. We have until the something of August to change the dates for the cottage so I am hoping we find out something by then. I have been fretting over it so much that I was dreaming about train trips on Wednesday night. I dreamed that we were getting the train home and Ellie fell asleep and wouldn't wake up so we missed getting off the train and ended up in London. lol

I decided to get the tickets delivered in paper form, I was worrying what would happen if my phone wouldn't work to get onto the train app, the app was down or I couldn't get any internet. The tickets arrived after a couple of days and they are in a safe place. It did make me chuckle how many tickets there was, 4 of us getting two trains there and back so there was a big pile. lol

Ellie has been plodding on with her exams. She had a little bit of a moment after her maths exam on Wednesday, it's the only paper where she's left some blank spaces where she didn't know what to put, she has been worrying that if she doesn't get a 4 in Maths she won't be able to do her engineering course. Thankfully I could reassure her as I can remember the course tutor saying if the students didn't get a 4 in Maths and English they have to redo them in college which is a bit annoying but it's fine. Ellie doesn't want to resit them, she would much rather have the free lesson. 

We have been making plans for the next couple of months. Since moving here we've spent the first weekend in July at a country show which is nearby. I told Stu ages ago what dates it was on so he could take a day off work and he convinced himself that he had taken the wrong day off which had me stressing. It was nothing to stress about if he had to work on the Saturday the girls and I would just go, Ellie and I went without him last year but it turns out when he got back to work he had booked the right weekend off.

Why do I do it to myself? Overthinking things that don't really need to be worried about! 

I hope you have had a good week?

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  1. I do the same, overthink and stress about things I shouldn't because they are either not as important or they will pass and I will not remember them in a few months anyway.
    I hope Ellie gets the marks she wants and needs. xx

  2. OH I am the exact same way! And that would be my word of the week this week too. With Alec being sick these past two days I waaay overthought everything with him missing what are his last 2 days of "real" school since next week is mostly taken up with things like turning in their Chrome books and cleaning and attending awards ceremonies and things. I have had 2 nights where I have been planning and obsessing and worrying. And really it didn't make him any healthier or make any difference.

  3. I'm an overthinker too. I hope you can calm your stress and everything goes to plan. how lovely to be having a holiday this year, I remember when we went to Blackpool by train and had a huge wad of tickets! xx

  4. I have medals in overthinking! I'm sure all will be well with Ellie's exams and your holiday will be lovely. The amount of tickets you get for a train journey is scary LOL! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  5. If it helps, I am exactly the same. I stress about appointments that are months away, I stress about almost everything and I always look back and think why did I do that?! At least you have a nice break away to look forward to. Big hugs lovely! xxx

  6. Overthinking could be my super power! Worst super power ever, but that's what would stand out. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

  7. I'm an over thinker, especially when it comes to travel and yes I prefer the paper version of tickets as you can never rely on electronic ones working.

  8. I always overthink, and overthink for four people so that is fun. Totally get about getting the train tickets sent to you. I always print out things that I could just scan on the phone. I just don't trust it. Its frustrating about the dates for college. I'm having the same thing needing the info for next summer and no one wants to give me answers! #WotW