Friday 16 June 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Forms! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Last week my word of the week was overthinking and I wasn't in the best of moods, what a difference a week makes! I am in a much happier place now. It has been good to have a good week, I've still had a lot of things to think about, filling out a lot of forms but they've not stressed me out, they've been exciting.

The first form I filled out was my details onto the Newcastle United website buying Stu one of the footie tops for his birthday. He did mention that he wanted one but they were £70, which I've looked into and that is actually cheap for a Premier Leauge team. At first said no as £70 is a lot of money but then decided just to order it as a surprise for his birthday. (Don't worry, he doesn't read here) He will be getting that and nothing much else.

I then got 2 letters from HMRC, I always fear those letters in the brown envelopes, usually they mean I owe money but not this time. One letter was to say Ellie will be getting her National Insurance number soon and to check her name was correct and the other was they wanted to know if she is staying in full time education when she leaves school so we can continue to claim child benefit. She is going to college so I went onto the Government website to fill in her details.

While I was filling the child benefit thing in I had to visit the college website to get the full name of her course Ellie will be studying and saw the college had the applications for bus passes open so that was my next job! It's £30 a term which you can pay each term or £90 for the whole year. I decided to pay the whole year, I remember it being a faff when Becky was at college paying termly as I would either forget about it until she was due to go back to college or they would be slow to process it. It's done now for Ellie, we will get her bus pass closer to September. 

Yesterday I noticed that the financial assistance forms are there to fill in on the college website but I think I will wait until Stu has time to get me copies of his payslips and things like that as they need proof of our income. Our college is crazy as 99% of students receive the financial assistance for free meals, printing, stationery and things like that as their earning threshold is so high.

I had to fill in forms giving Ellie permission to leave school early on Wednesday. It got to the point where there was no more learning to do and there's only so much revision they can do without going crazy. At half past one on Wednesday afternoon we decided to go to Hull for something to do. We didn't buy anything apart from a drink from McDonalds but it was nice to get out of the house.

It's Ellie's last proper day at school today, she has 2 exams and then all the hard work is done. Physics this morning and Geography this afternoon. She's not finished with school though, she's back in on Monday for Leavers Day. Dodgeball and fun races in the morning, chicken strips and chips for lunch (the year 11's chose it as it's everyone's favourite meal, shirts will be signed and the ice cream man will be coming to the school.

The last form was from the hearing department, the people who go and visit Ellie at school. They are going paper free so wanted an email address so they can contact us. As far as I know there will someone visiting Ellie in college to make sure she has the support that she needs.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. I'm glad that you are having a better week this week, and I bet you feel happy now that you've caught up with all the life admin! I've been busy this week working on a few of my own projects which has been nice, and I'm enjoying the lovely hot weather that we are having down here!

  2. It's great that you feel better. You did have to complete a lot of forms, but they needed doing, so that's a task done.

    I think your husband will love his gift for his birthday. It's better to get something he wants as an only gift instead of cheaper gifts that seem "more". I would have done the same as you did.

  3. I just spent my afternoon filling out forms. Alec's school emailed me all the forms for next school year already (they just got out this Wednesday!).

  4. Glad that you are not so overwhelmed this week. Forms can be a right pain.
    I bet Stu will be over the moon with his top, what an awesome surprise.
    I still can't believe Ellie is leaving school. Time needs to slow down a little! x

  5. Wow that's a lot of forms! Filling out forms is one of my least favourite things to do but once they're all done its such a relief! It will be so nice for Ellie to have a nice break from study and exams now that school is finished.

  6. Lots of forms to fill in! Hope that Stu likes his birthday surprise. Well done to Ellie on finishing school and hope that she enjoyed the leaver's day. #WotW

  7. It sounds like you have been very productive. Kids come with so many forms. That's a good price for the bus pass. I have been looking at high school options for our little lady and her bus will cost £900 a school year. I think I will drive her there for that much! #WotW