Wednesday 28 June 2023

Five fantastic travel games.

It's getting to that time of year when we could be travelling more on days out and holidays and it's always good to have something to keep everyone amused. Travel games can ease boredom on flights or trains, keep kids quiet on long car journeys and even provide a bit of entertainment in waiting rooms at the doctors or dentists. Technology is great, using tablets and phones to pass the time but sometimes it's good to unplug.


When I was a kid travel games weren't really a thing unless you counted games like I-spy, 20 questions or memory games. Now you can get travel size games of things like Monopoly, chess and just about everything that you can think of!

Here are some of my favourites.

Top Trumps!

Harry Potter Top Trumps

Top Trumps is one of the UK's top card game and has been a family favourite for over 40 years. No matter your age, gender or interests, there is a Top Trumps set for you. Over the years we've had sets with animals, the kids favourite movies and TV shows, football and of course my favourite set, Harry Potter. hehehe It's a game for all ages and my girls never get bored of it.

Top Trumps is traditionally played between two or more people. Each card lists numerical data that players compare with the aim of 'trumping' their opponent by having a greater value. The winner gains the opponents cards with the game continuing until only one player holds all the cards.


Dobble Game

A clever game with 55 cards, 57 symbols in total and 8 symbols per card. Each two cards have one symbol in common, that you have to find and name to win! Dobble is a game that encourages concentration and observation.

Dobble is perfect for train journeys especially if you are lucky enough to be sat around a table. We have had a couple of sets over the years and love it. There are themed sets including Minions and Harry Potter and it's good for all ages.

Pass The Pigs!

Pass the Pigs game

Pass the Pigs is an addictive dice game for 2 to 4 players. It's small plastic case makes it easy to carry and a terrific travel game to have with you on a trip. Points are gained and lost depending on how the pig has landed. Whatever you do you don’t want to throw an oinker or a piggyback!

We have played the giant Pass the Pigs game and thought it was fantastic fun. It is such a simple game but can get real competitive real quickly. 

 5 Second Rule Mini Travel Card Game!

5 Second Rule game

A mini version of 5 Second Rule game that you can play anywhere! It seems like it would be easy to name three things you find in the desert or down the back of your sofa but can you do it under pressure? You have to be quick, so just say whatever comes to mind and risk silly answers slipping out. hehehe

We have had a couple of the 5 second rule games but not the travel one before. I have bought it for when we go away later in the year. It is such a fun game.

Tension Travel Edition Game!

Tension Travel Edition Game

One of Cheatwells most popular board game has been slimmed down into a take anywhere mini card dispenser and scorer. The great new travel pack ensures you have all you need to play Tension in the palm of your hand! Slip a card out of the dispenser and then score using the snappy little poppers on either side. Take on holiday or play on the move

We played the Foodies Edition of this game last year and we really enjoyed it. It is aimed more at older children which makes it perfect for teenagers and adults.

What are your favourite travel games?


  1. Fab ideas! I love taking travel games to the caravan. We play Dobble quite a lot and Top Trumps. Another game we enjoy is Rory's Story Cubes. You can get all different themes. xx

  2. What great ideas!!! With so many trips on our calendar coming up soon, I have marked some of these down!! Thanks for sharing, Kim!!!

  3. We have all of these!! Our favourites are Top Trumps and Tension. #MMBC

  4. These all sound fun especially Pass The Pig. Portable games are great for passing the time on a long trip.