Saturday 17 June 2023

A photo every day for a year! 10th - 16th June Week 24 of #Project365

I have had quite a busy week. I have a lot of admin to do, especially for Ellie. I've sorted her bus pass for September and the child benefit continuing while she's at college. I've had a lot of forms to fill in. It's been a nice week and finally the GCSE's are finished! Hooray! Ellie has a few more hours at school on Monday but it's going to be a fun day, the leavers assembly and the shirts being signed.

Becky has found a new routine with her sleeping this past week. She was finishing work at 8am, coming in and going straight to sleep and sleeping until about 6pm and she finally realised it's far too much sleep. Now she's not going to bed until about 10am and getting up at 6pm. It has been nice to see a bit more of her.

We don't have much planned for the weekend, it is of course Father's Day so Stu will be getting spoiled and we of course will be going to see my dad too. 

Now for a photo every day!

Frog hat and roast dinner
My fella painting the fence and me.
Planes and sweetcorn plants
message from a teacher

161/365 - 10th June
Ellie with her frog hat. She needed it on Saturday when she went to hang out with friends. We have been enjoying the sunshine.

162/365 - 11th June
Our usual Sunday lunch out. This week it was roast beef and gammon plus all the veg. I do love having a roast dinner without the faff of making one.

163/365 - 12th June
Stu is almost done painting the fence and next door haven't complained which I am amazed about. (It's technically their fence and they are that petty). lol He did end up getting sun burn on the back of his legs. Oops.

164/365 - 13th June
Just me realising I hadn't taken a photo and needed one.

165/365 - 14th June
I saw on a local FB group that some RAF planes were doing a flypast as one is retiring, the Hercules. I forgot all about it until we were on the bus and saw them, by the time I got my phone out to take a photo they had just about gone.

166/365 - 15th June
My sweetcorn plants seem to be doing well although they might not be sweetcorn as I do tend to get my plants mixed up when planting them in the garden. lol

167/365 - 16th June
Ellie gave her English teacher a little thank you present and she text saying thank you. She has been an amazing teacher, when Ellie started year 10 she was expected to get a 2 grade, now she's expected to easily get a 6. The teacher had Ellie excited for English lessons. I can't thank her enough.

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  1. That roast looks so good. Must be really hard for Becky to get her shift pattern and sleep the way that works for her. That's just the sort of English teacher children need. I really hope N gets someone like that, although it's not looking too great for pushing him at the moment!

  2. I think we spotted planes too after Trooping the Colour. Goodness, I'm not sure I could cope working nights! What a lovely message from the teacher. #project365

  3. Love Ellie’s frog hat. That Sunday roast looks very yummy. Always nice to have a roast dinner without the faff of having to make it! What a lovely text from Ellie’s English teacher. #project365

  4. Love the pink hair, wish I was brave enough. What a lovely English teacher, hope Ellie gets her predicted grades

  5. I'd hate to be on permanent nights, she must feel like she misses out on quite a bit of family stuff. Hope Ellie's summer holidays are good for her, what a lovely English teacher she has had