Tuesday 27 June 2023

Getting her ears pierced.

Since Ellie was about 6 years old, at least once a month she has asked for her ears pierced and I have always said no until a few weeks ago.

I wasn't just being mean saying Ellie couldn't have her ears pierced, the doctors advised against it when she was younger in case of getting an infection and it affecting her heart after having open heart surgery when she was a toddler for a hole in her heart and being left with a leaking valve. They said it was OK when she was older as long as she looked after them really well and kept them clean. Over the last year or so Ellie seems to have really matured and she is caring more about her appearance.

Pierced ears

We were in Hull a few weeks ago and we were near H.Samuel, the jewellers who I knew did walk in ear piercings and I asked her if she wanted them done. She practically dragged me there, so the answer was obviously yes. I had a quick chat with her before we went in, telling her she has to keep them clean and follow all of the instructions and she agreed. 

You buy a pair of piercing earrings and get your ears pierced for free along with an aftercare kit to help with the healing of the new piercing. We chose the titanium studs for £19.99. There were cheaper one's but they were a little smaller and I thought they would be harder to turn.

The shop assistant was lovely and really put Ellie at ease. I singed the consent form and the assistant talked us through everything and of course cleaned her hands. Ellie had her ears cleaned, dots put on where the earrings would go and then the assistant got on with piercing her ears. Ellie didn't even flinch.

When we got home she tried to clean them herself but did need a little help from me as the dots were still there from the pen. Since then she has been brilliant at cleaning them and turning them. She has had them in for 4 weeks today and there has been no sign of infection or anything bad. Phew! Ellie has already picked about 50 sets of earrings that she wants in the future and is planning on getting her ears pierced at least once more and maybe up the top of her ear too but I said that might be hard with her wearing her hearing aids but we'll see how she gets on with this set first.

When I was 16 I got my ears pierced, it was a rebellious thing as my parents had always said no until I was 16 so as soon it was my birthday I got them done. They didn't last long. I was into horse riding back them and I was always catching them on the helmet/hard hat that I used to wear, especially on the straps. I don't think I even got to the 6 weeks where I could change them. lol I am sure Ellie will do better than me.

How old were you when you got your ears pierced?


  1. It's evident that getting Ellie's ears pierced was a special and significant milestone for your little one. Your thoughtful and sensitive approach in preparing her for the experience truly shines through.

  2. This took me back! I nagged my mum and dad to have mine pierced from being about the same age as Ellie. My dad finally gave in when I was 8! We used dilute Dettol back then, the smell will always remind me of ear piercing #MMBC

  3. How lovely that she has pierced ears, there are so many wonderful earrings to chose and they do make a big difference. My favourite type of jewellery are earrings.

    I found it strangely that in UK girls do not have their ears pierced. I had mine as a baby, soon after I was born. It's natural for babies to have small gold earrings put on, in Romania. I don't think I knew any girl/woman without pierced ears in RO. Maybe this is why I love earrings so much.

  4. I honestly don't know how old I was but I was young as my mom had to clean and turn them. Looking back I think it was crazy that she went through all that. Then in middle or high school I got a second piercing and again later in high school my sister was getting just one hole in the upper part of her ear so the lady doing the piercing asked if anyone wanted a piercing with the leftover earring that my sister had to buy for the set and that's how I ended up with 3 holes in one ear and only 2 in the other.

  5. Yay! I bet Ellie is well pleased with her new piercings. I was about 13 when I had mine done. I had the tops of my ears done as well. I then went on to have my belly button done and my eyebrow. I love piercings, they are a little addictive! xx

  6. How lovely for Ellie to have her first pair of earrings and well done her for looking after her piercings properly.
    I remember starting to ask to have my ears pierced when I was about 13 but my mum always said no. Then one day, fed up with me asking, she said when you are 18 and can do as you please you can have them done. I stopped asking (mum thought I had changed my mind) but on the day of my 18th birthday I went of to town (Peterborough) and came home with a pair of sleeper, small rings that were the norm back then and much easier to turn and keep clean. What a shock mum had when she came home from work.

  7. I remember how it was the thing to do in college. I saw many girls with ice and a clean needle as a friend would pierce her ears. I think going to a shop makes so much more sense.

  8. That's so great that Elie got her ears pierced, she sounds very happy about getting them done. My mum was so strict when I was growing up but the one thing that was ok with her was having pierced ears. I guess it wasn't a big deal because in South America (where she came from) it was the custom for mums to have their babies ears pierced. So she had mine done when I was a baby. My high school friends were always amazed that I had pierced ears because some of them weren't allowed to. They knew how strict my mum was!