Sunday 11 June 2023

Leavers Hoodie. #MySundaySnapshot

It's all becoming a bit too real that my youngest is leaving school. 5 more exams, the last one being on Friday. Eek! Then they go back into school on the Monday to get their shirts signed and that's it. Every time she has to go to school after that will be optional, for the prom and picking up her GCSE results.

Earlier this week Ellie came home with her leavers hoodie, it has all of the names of everyone in her year group. It seems such a small year group with around 50 or 60 kids in, I think Becky's last year at school, her year group had about triple that. They have been allowed to wear their hoodies around school which hasn't been too bad over the last week as it has been quite chilly but next week is supposed to be roasting although I am sure Ellie will still prefer to wear her hoodie instead of the blazer. 

Leavers hoodie

My Sunday Snapshot


  1. I haven't heard anything about a leavers hoody from Boo's school. There is no Prom either, they are going to Alton Towers instead. I hope Ellie enjoys her last week xx

  2. I just can't believe that Ellie is leaving school! Where did the time go? I hope she has a fab last week. xx

  3. It's an exciting time in her life. Congratulations Ellie and I wish you many adventures in life.

  4. I hope the exams go well. Thank you for stopping by my blog x

  5. Oh wow, she was so young when I started following your blog. Good luck for exam results