Tuesday 11 July 2023

My top 5 favourite family activities! #NotJustAMom

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This months prompt is: Top 5 favourite family activities! This is really hard. A few years ago I could have said baking, bike riding or going to the park but now my girls are almost 21 and 16 years old they would much rather do things without me. Hmmf. The park is much more fun to my 15 year old with her friends and my eldest would rather go to the pub. lol

My family

Spending Saturday night in front of the TV.
Saturday night is our family night, well on the weekend when my eldest is off work. We always have some nice food, snacks and spend it in front of the TV. Recently we've been watching Britain's Got Talent but throughout the year we'll watch The Voice, quiz shows and lots of music countdowns of the top 100 rock songs or songs from the 90's or something like that.

We all love to eat and there's nothing better than a family meal around the dining room table. Sometimes we will treat ourselves to a takeaway. Chinese is our favourite but it seems to have got so expensive lately. I used to be the only one a fan on Indian takeaways but now my Stu my fella and Ellie enjoys them too, I just have to find a dish that Becky loves and we will be sorted as they are slightly cheaper than a Chinese takeaway. We of course like to eat out too whether it's fast food like Mcdonalds, Sunday lunch at our favourite cafe or a nice meal at the local pub. It seems much easier eating out with the girls now that they are older.

I remember a time when shopping used to be like torture for my girls but now they love it especially if they are spending my money. We do love getting the bus into town and having a nosy around the shops. My Becky my eldest works full time now so has her own money to spend and Ellie my youngest is a bit annoyed about this as she can only earn money for doing jobs around the house. There's only so many jobs to do so she feels like she is short on cash. I have told her that she needs a summer job.

Kitchen Chats.
This is a very random activity but me and my family always seem to have the best and most fun chats in the kitchen. We seem to talk about all the important stuff while I'm cooking or someone is washing the dishes, we also have the funniest chats about nothing in particular. Even if Becky is at work and not eating with us (she works night shifts) she will come into the kitchen after she's woken up while I am cooking and we will have a little catch up. I am usually in the kitchen when my fella gets home from work and that's where we congregate. 

We love TikTok in this house, my fella won't admit it though. He doesn't have the app and only watches what the girls and I show him so we love to find videos to show him. I will watch TikTok in bed and then show my eldest, when she's at work she sends me videos to watch and Ellie just sends everyone every video that see's or it seems like it.

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  1. I love that you have some very unique answers compared to everyone else with their lists. My boys HATE shopping but I often drag them along anyway; usually as long as I promise a meal out afterwards they're good to go.

  2. Love this! It sounds like our house hehe.
    I always used to think I would miss out on shopping with the kids as they got older, especially having boys but Jayden loves to come on random shopping trips wth me. We pop in Costa and he sits and chats my head off.
    Kitchen chats are the best! That's where the most random conversations happen isn't it?! xx

  3. I love the kitchen chats! There is just something about being in the kitchen together which leads to lots of laughter and conversation for us.

  4. Kitchen chats are the best, those are the most pleasant memories I have with my mother, mainly because they were just everyday life and not something special. It was lovely to read your list. xx

  5. It's so true that the older the kids get the harder it is to get them all together to do activities. Unplanned every day activities like the kitchen chats are the best! Shopping with your girls sounds so much fun. That was one of my favourite things to do with my mum as a teen. We would get the train into the city and shop then finish the day at McDonals with a Big Mac.

  6. I love a bit of tiktok too so fun and addictive 😂

  7. This is a fun list of activities! It's great that you've still found things to do even though your girls are getting older. It can be harder but it sounds like you are all very close! I can definitely relate to a lot of these with my siblings and parents! I don't know what it is about the kitchen that always seems to generate some great conversations!

  8. Kitchen Chat is so sweet! So many meaningful conversations can take place in a setting like that. With my kids it was the Car Chats and Late Night Chats, but very much the same idea. So special.

  9. These are amazing family activities- I love them! Haha I especially love the TikTok watching!