Friday 14 July 2023

This week my Word of the Week is: Plodding! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary has happened this week. We have had a week of just plodding along with life quite happily doing the usual housework, Becky and Stu have been working and Ellie hanging out with friends so I am just going to waffle about the highlights of our week.

We are finding a new routine with Ellie being off school, I am trying to get her out of bed by 9am every week day which is easier said than done. I told her to go to sleep at about half past 11 when I went to bed on Wednesday night and I heard such a clatter at about 1am and I went to see what was going on, she had dropped her book on the floor which she had been reading. So obviously it's my fault that she was still awake because I had been the one who introduced her to borrowing books from the library.

The cameraman from the prom shared a sneak peek of the professional prom photos which look amazing and said the school will be sending  a link to them on Tuesday, of course they didn't so we're still waiting. Ellie's friend shared some photos and videos from the prom and it looks like everyone had the best time. I was amazed to see Ellie dancing, she doesn't do dancing. 

I never thought I would say it but I have fell out of love with social media. Since Twitter had a hissy fit and Threads started up I don't feel like I have been that active. Twitter is just meh and I hate using my phone to keep up with Threads, the sooner they make a desktop version the better. I have been spending more time on TikTok and at the moment I am seeing a lot of videos about Wresting, bottles rolling down steps and Taylor Swift. 

I finished rewatching Game of Thrones on Monday night and it took me a couple of days to decide what to watch next. I went for The Walking Dead again, I do love it. We were sat eating tea on Thursday and Stu said he started watching it on Tuesday evening in bed. I had no idea, just goes to prove that great minds think alike. hehehe I said we could watch it together but he knows I would skip ahead during the day. Oops. 

Becky is off work this weekend so we're going to enjoy some family time, we don't really have any plans for the weekend but I think we will be staying home as next week Stu has taken a weeks holiday from work and we're starting to make plans. Last year I won a Red Letter Days voucher and spent some of it on cinema tickets for the kids and then Stu and I had planned to go to Ask Italian for a nice meal out but it's one of those things we never got around to so I cashed it in for something different and now we're having an afternoon tea delivered from Piglets Pantry. It will be a nice treat. We are having day out shopping as Stu needs something to wear for the wedding we're going to later in the year and I am having a night out with my dad's partner and Becky.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. We had a week where we spent a lot of time at home as well and I feel so accomplished as I finally managed to clean the entire house, get ALL the laundry done (including sheets and bath mats and towels!), cleaned out my closet, cleaned my car, and stuff like that.

  2. I love weeks like that when you can just plod along getting things done around the house, it feels very satisfying! I LOL'd at it being your fault that Ellie was up so late reading. Enjoy your afternoon tea from Piglet's Pantry, I'm looking forward to seeing photos. We have taken a break from The Walking Dead, my heart couldn't cope! I'm watching MasterChef at the moment, the only scary thing about that is that I can't stop snacking while I watch because it makes me hungry seeing all that food!

  3. It sounds like a pretty busy week for just plodding along. How exciting getting professional photos from Ellie's prom. I'm kind of glad that Boo didn't have a prom, but I'm also a bit jealous of all the lovely prom photos I've been seeing. I used to be in a forum of Mum's where we were all pregnant at the same time so I've lots of Mum friends online with children the same age as Boo. x

  4. I long for a week when I can just plod along! I'm glad Ellie enjoyed her Prom. We watch TV in bed too! Currently Vikings Valhalla. Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. Happy plodding weeks are good. I'm glad Ellie enjoyed her prom. We have all that to come, never had anything like that when I left school. We are watching Waterloo Road together. We stopped watching when Ethan was born. And I'm watching Dawsons Creak on my own. I think we might watch WD again at some point as I lost what was going on in the last few seasons. It sounds like you have a nice week coming up #WotW

  6. It's nice sometimes to have a week of happily plodding along. Sounds like Ellie had a wonderful time at her prom. Good luck with finding a new routine. Hope you had a lovely family weekend. #WotW