Sunday 16 July 2023

Grey clouds, blue sky. #MySundaySnapshot

 On Friday I had such a stonking headache, I don't usually get headaches unless I haven't drank enough, slept enough or eaten enough. I had done all of those things and had been out and had some fresh air too. I ended up blaming the weather. It was so warm and muggy but overcast. It rained Friday afternoon but it didn't clear the air we had to wait until yesterday for that.

Just as I was coming back from town the grey clouds were coming in and it was starting to thunder. Half an hour later it chucked it down and everything felt fresher and clearer!

Grey clouds, blue sky.

My Sunday Snapshot


  1. The weather has given us all headaches too. It's still very hot and dry here although a nice big thunderstorm at the weekend cleared the air and gave the garden a drink :)


  2. I love how fresh the air is after a storm. Great photo! #MMBC

  3. Thisiswhereitisat20 July 2023 at 16:46

    The whether has been manic too and looks to stay that way. But do love the freshness so I can't complain x