Wednesday 5 July 2023

Winterton Show in North Lincolnshire 2023 - Day 1.

Every year that we have lived here and a nearby show has been on we have gone to it. We'd been living here just over a week when we went to our first one. My dad was displaying his tractor things and car so we felt involved when we didn't know anyone. Then after a couple years break due to Covid we went again last year, Ellie and I on the Saturday and Stu, Ellie and me on the Sunday, Becky missed out because she was working but this year made a point of booking the time off work. This year Stu booked a day off work so we could make a weekend of it.

Motorcycle display team

Winterton Show occupies over 20 acres and caters for many agricultural and countryside pursuits involving all elements of the local and neighbouring communities. It successfully blends a variety of events appealing to both rural and town dwellers. There are horses, sheep, cows, craft stalls, music, motorbikes, floats, vintage cars and tractors, random displays in the main arena, dog shows, fairground rides, lots of different food and so much more!

On the Saturday there were agricultural horses, cattle, horse and carriage driving all competing for rosettes. The working horses were pretty amazing, I used to have horses but none as big as those and the horses and carriages were just stunning. 

Horse and carriage

I hardly saw my girls, Becky had her friend with her and then they met up with more friends. Ellie was with her friends too. We kept bumping into them and when we were eating lunch we spotted them sat at the other side of the arena, I text messaged Becky and said who's noodles are you eating. Soon after the girls and their friends were looking around for us. hehehe

Early in the afternoon there was scurry racing where ponies pull a pair of drivers around a course on a small buggy to compete for the fastest time. Some of the ponies were tiny but they moved so fast. There were different levels of ability and one pair of drivers were totally new to competing and did really well. 

scurry racing

We took lunch with us as buying food both days is just too expensive, we did scout out all the food stalls and planned what we were going to eat on Sunday. We had a look around all of the craft stalls and there were some really cute things. Ellie has her eye on some jewellery and I have my eye on some dried flowers.

We saw the Battle of Britain Memorial Flypast, it gave me such a fright when the plane first came over as I wasn't expecting it until later. It flew backwards and forwards a few times and it was so low.

Plane in the sky

The floats from nearby schools came around the main arena. They all put so much effort into the floats and this years themes was music. There were pop icons, country, Christmas and other themed floats. The kids looked like they were having the time of their lives, especially the one's with water pistols who were squirting water onto the people watching. hehehe

Next up in the arena were the The Imps Motorcycle Display TeamAged from 5 years old this display team have performed all over the UK and abroad. We have seen these before and they are fantastic. They are so brave in the stunts that they do and what makes it so impressive is a lot of the riders are just children.

Motorbike display team riders
Motorbike display team

We looked round some more at the craft tent where there were crafted things which had been judged and awarded prizes. We timed it just right as just as we got to the tent as it started to rain. I think we had been lucky just to get one short shower that day as there had been some really nasty looking clouds in the sky. We saw all the vintage cars and farm vehicles and watched some more of the show jumping, had another walk around and Stu and I decided to head home just before 4pm. The girls stayed until about 6pm hanging out at the fairground part of the show with their friends.

It was a great day out and we had it all to do again on the Sunday with different things in the main ring and around the showground. That will be in tomorrows blog post.

Do you like going to country shows?


  1. These events are really interesting, there are so many different things to see. I love seeing memorial flypasts. The bike stunts are so impressive.

  2. That sounds like so much fun!

  3. Sounds like it was a really fun time especially watching the motorcycle display team. I used to love watching the wood chopping event at the Royal Easter Show. They would have teams from different states as well as international teams. Who would have thought that watching men chop would could be so exciting and competitive!

  4. I remember you going to this country show before. It looks amazing with lots to see and do.
    We have one near us too, it's a nice day out. xx

  5. I love that it's two days and that you can plan what you want to do the following day. It really is a massive event. xx