Saturday 15 July 2023

A photo every day for a year! 8th - 14th July Week 28 of #Project365

We have had a nice, quiet week. We needed it after the excitement of the last couple of weeks. We have just been plodding along with life quite happily. Next week is going to be a busy one with Stu taking a weeks holiday from work. He thought he didn't have much to do but I am slowly filling his week up. hehehe 

As I am sitting here writing this (yesterday) it's chucking it down (again). This weather is rubbish, I am sure at this time of year it should be dry and sunny but we've had a lot of rain over the past week. 

Now for a photo every day!!

My youngest and Sunday dinner
Newcastle United sign
Cherry liqueurs
Carrot cake and hoverfly

189/365 - 8th July
Ellie went to the shop for snacks and 5 minutes after she left the heavens opened and she got soaked! In hindsight she should have turned around and came home but she carried on. She said when she was in the shop the rain eased off but she got stuck behind someone taking their time at the checkout and by the time she got back outside it was lashing down again.

190/365 - 9th July
A standard Sunday, lunch out.

191/365 - 10th July
Stu put the Newcastle United plaque thing up that he got for Father's Day. I'm surprised next door haven't complained about it, they complain about everything else. lol

192/365 - 11th July
I found these in the back of one of the kitchen cupboards. Cherry Liqueurs left over from Christmas. lol They're still in date and good to eat and I have been eating them.

193/365 - 12th July
Carrot cake from the butchers. It is honestly the best carrot cake I've ever had and I have had a lot in my lifetime.

194/365 - 13th July
These fake wasps are doing my head in, I always panic when I see them thinking they are wasps but they're just hoverflies.

195/365 - 14th July
They are shutting some roads here in a couple of weeks which is going to cause chaos. I can see the resident's Facebook group being filled with complaints. It's one of the main roads from Hull and is on the bus route. The bus is missing our town out while the work is being done and the only stop will be about a 25 minute walk from us which Stu is already complaining about as it means he will be leaving the house even earlier on a morning.

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  1. It's always a pain when roads close - there've been so many round our town and surrounds, we can't go anywhere without closures, or roads due to close. Lots of rain here too. It's more like april showers than July

  2. We had such a wet summer last year and it was so disappointing. The weather reports kept blaming El Niño or La Niña, I always get confused which one is responsible for rain. Hopefully you will get some nice sunny days soon!

  3. Hate it when the roads closed. The slip road to Bee's karate has been closed and will be closed until December...going to have to go a longer way round which will be busy as everyone will be going that way! I love hoverflies, at least they don't bite lol.

  4. The rain has been awful in July, not sure where summer went! We're on holiday right now and they seem to be digging up half the roads in Wales :( #project365

  5. Oops to Ellie getting soaked going to the shop. So nice to have Sunday lunch out and that roast does look yummy, as do the cherry liqueurs – what a nice find that was! Road closures are annoying aren’t they? They seem to be digging up roads everywhere around us at the moment. #project365

  6. Oh no to Stu having to walk that far to catch his bus, how annoying. Poor Ellie getting soaked, sounds the sort of thing that would happen to me. Lucky find with the chocolates, enjoy