Saturday 22 July 2023

A photo every day for a year! 15th - 21st July Week 29 of #Project365

We have had a fun week with Stu having a weeks holiday from work, he still has a few days left yet as with his normal days off he doesn't go back until Tuesday. We've had a day out shopping in Hull, had an afternoon tea delivered, cleared the garden, garage and shed of rubbish, sold all our electric things which were just collecting dust like an old x-box, games, a tablet and spare computer parts, we've had breakfast out and I had a night out last night that was postponed from last year seeing a Bon Jovi tribute band. It has been a busy but good week.

Now for a photo every day!

Cheesy noodles and HP mug
My youngest and I and an afternoon tea
Gousto recipe
Hair dye on and Co-op card

196/365 - 15th July
Becky has been buying more rubbish that she's seen on TikTok, she has more money than sense that one. hehehe She bought cheesy noodles this time. They stunk and were not that great.

197/365 - 16th July
We didn't bother going out for our usual lunch on Sunday, the day involved staying in our pj's, drinking lots of tea from my favourite mug.

198/365 - 17th July
All dressed up ready for a day out shopping. Poor Ellie is looking more and more like me everyday. 

199/365 - 18th July
We got an afternoon tea delivered. I used the last of some credit from Red Letter Days to get it, Stu and the girls ate most of it as it was a savoury afternoon tea and I much prefer the sweet treats. They really enjoyed it.

200/365 - 19th July
On of our favourite recipes from Gousto, I kept all the recipe cards to use again and this one has been used more than any other: Thai-Style Pork Patties With Sweet Potato Wedges.

201/365 - 20th July
Hair dye day! I needed it doing before a night out. I am back to red now, mostly. The old pink I had on previously is still showing through depending on what light I am in.

202/365 - 21st July
When we moved here we started using the Co-op shop nearby and every time I go in they ask if I have a card and I have never bothered getting one. I didn't think there was much point until the woman behind the counter said if you have one you get 50p off a meal deal each time. That was it, I signed up straight away. 

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  1. The pork patties sound really nice. I might need to try something like that for something different. I quite often pick up bits in Co-op but don't have a card either. I should get one really, although I wouldn't be buying meal deals there, so not sure what I'd get back

  2. That hamper looks amazing! Your pyjama day sounds good too. I can't wait until the school holiday starts so we can do the same :o)


  3. Gosh sounds like you have had a really productive week. Good idea making money with the stuff you no longer use too. It's always worth having a Co-op card because you also help your local community! The money you spend they earmark for two local causes, you can have a look on the app and pick one to support. The app also lets you find more money savings, like £1 off your shop etc.

  4. Does sound like a busy week! That afternoon tea looks good! Might have to look to see if there is one suitable for us to order! Oh I didn't know that about a Co-Op card.

  5. Sounds like you had a very productive week with Stu home. Lovely photo of you and Ellie – you can see the likeness between the two of you. The afternoon tea looked yummy. I have a Co-op card – never knew it gives you 50p off a meal deal though! I do use the points to save on shopping every so often though. #project365

  6. I never knew about the CoOp deal and we've has a card for ages! Cheese flavour can be a bit overwhelming but I'd risk the kids trying them :) #project365

  7. Well done getting rid of your old electrical. Those cheesy noodles sound disgusting. I've got som many store cards, it drives me mad remembering to use them, but there are some good bargains to be had