Thursday 27 July 2023

What I loved in July!

July has been a really busy month. We seem to have had something big on every week and I have loved every moment! I am feeling worn out from all of the excitement but August is going to be a pretty busy month too with my fella's birthday, my youngest girls birthday, preparing for a weekend away and various other things.

A heart drawn by crayon

In July I loved:

Dry shampoo!
I don't know why but I thought I couldn't use dry shampoo with coloured hair. My hair is bright red at the moment and one day when I really needed to wash my hair I just didn't have time so I used some of Becky's dry shampoo and it worked wonders. I have now realised that I can skip a hair wash mid week by using the dry shampoo and therefore my hair dye will not fade as fast. It sounds like a good plan in theory but I will see how I get on.

We have went to it every year that it's been on since we moved here in 2019 and we love it. It is such a fun couple of days. There are horses, sheep, cows, craft stalls, music, motorbikes, floats, vintage cars and tractors, random displays in the main arena, dog shows, fairground rides, lots of different food and so much more! The girls love it because they go off and hang out with their friends. Becky's friend was supposed to be just coming on the Saturday with us but ended up stopping another night and came Sunday too. 

Horse and carriage

Spending time with my brother!
Over the last 15 years or so my brother and I didn't speak or see each other. We had no issues with each other, life got in the way, family arguments and whatnot but since just before Christmas he has been around more and it has been nice to see him and spend time with him. My girls love him, when we go to my dad's they always ask will my brother be there. lol They said he's got all of the funny and I got the sensible gene. I don't know whether to be upset or chuffed. As funny as he is he has given me some great advice about things over the last few months and I really appreciate him. We seem to have just picked up where we left off all those years ago.

Stepping back from social media!
I have spent way less time on social media this month than I have in the last 10 years! Partly because Twitter had a hissy fit and lots of people moved over to Threads which I do like but I don't get on with things that are just on my phone, I prefer to do things on my laptop and partly because I have just been enjoying time with my family, living in the moment and I've realised I would much rather do other things with my spare time instead of just scrolling through peoples feeds and timelines.

Ellie had her end of school prom and she had the best afternoon/evening! All those months of planning payed off and everything went perfectly! 

Walking the red carpet

Stu having a week off work!
My fella had a weeks holiday from work and it was long overdue. He works 5 days a week with him having a Sunday and Monday off it doesn't give us time to get much done as Sunday is out lazy, stay off electronics, family day and Monday we tend to catch up on everything we haven't done over the weekend. With a week off we had a day out shopping, getting him some shoes and a shirt for a wedding we're going to later on in the year, he cleared out our little shed which has been a dumping ground for everything, he took 2 trailer loads full of stuff to the tip, he ran a few errands which he has been putting off and believe it or not did have plenty of time to relax. 

A night out!
I bought my dad's partner and I tickets to see a Bon Jovi tribute act last year for her birthday and the show that was supposed to happen June 2022 was postponed until this month. We went for a meal out and then sung and danced all night to a guy who looked and sounded just like Mr Jon Bon Jovi. It was so much fun but we could hardly talk or walk on Saturday thanks to all of the singing and dancing. lol It took me until Tuesday to recover from our big night out.

A Jon Bon Jovi look alike

Rewatching shows!
I know what TV shows I like and enjoy rewatching them. I find it easy to put something on the TV for a bit of background noise when I am busy during the day. Over the last month I have watched Game of Thrones, I had forgotten about so much of it and I am back watching The Walking Dead now. I will find something new to watch eventually. I might even give Fear The Walking Dead another try, I couldn't get into it years ago.

The Library.
My youngest joined the local library this month, she had been meaning to for ages but I think she enjoyed me buying her books too much. Now that I've said she has to buy her own books she realised she can't keep up with an expensive habit so joining the library is perfect! Free books to borrow. She has read 4 in the last month and is planning to take them back this week and get more!

What did you love in July?

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  1. Thisiswhereitisat27 July 2023 at 11:37

    What a lovely month and how amazing to reconnect with your brother x

  2. That is good to know about dry shampoo; my son just dyed his hair a red with deep purple tips and he's trying to keep it from fading. I bet it was wonderful to reconnect with your brother. I definitely feel like I am losing touch with my sisters since they've moved and we're all so busy.

  3. It seems like you had a great July. Didn't know about dry shampoo..Thanks for sharing. It seems like country show was full of excitements!

  4. Sounds like a great month and so good to hear that you have reconnected with your brother. I have stepped back a lot from social media too. I hardly ever go on Facebook and I sometimes go on Instagram. The reels always get me though, especially the funny ones. Once I start I can’t stop and before I know it I have wasted so much time!

  5. I've never tried dry shampoo. I'm so into the habit of showering every day and washing my hair. That Bon Jovi concert sounds like a lot of fun! So glad your daughter enjoyed her prom! My daughter will have her senior prom at the end of this upcoming school year.

  6. Haahaa, she wants the library when she has to pay for her books, that's funny. Well done to her for reading and joining the library is great. I have 2 memberships for local libraries and it's great, saves money, especially if I only plan to read a book once.