Tuesday 14 March 2023

A Day in the life: Weekend Edition. #NotJustAMom

Here we are, another month of linking up with the Not Just A Mom ladies and this months prompt is: Day in the life weekend edition. The weekends here are usually pretty relaxed. Ellie is off school, once a fortnight Becky has a weekend off work and Stu works all week, he does have a Monday off but I always find him jobs to do so Sunday is his real day of rest.


Sunday is a lazy day here and I love it. We all sleep until late with none of us usually getting up before 10am and then we will have a nice breakfast of either bacon, egg or sausage sandwiches. That is if we're not going out for lunch.

We moved here about almost 5 years ago and there was nowhere locally which did Sunday roast dinners, sometimes I want a day off from cooking. It seems that over the last 6 months everyone has started serving Sunday lunch locally. There's 3 pubs, a cafe and even a little company which delivers. We usually go to our favourite cafe for a Sunday lunch if we are going to eat out. The food from there tastes like home cooked and it's half the price of everywhere else locally. 

Sunday lunch

You get 2 meats, usually beef and pork or chicken, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, green beans, broccoli, carrots, roast parsnips, stuffing and lots of gravy. We always get a regular serving which includes a drink for £7 but they do a bigger portion for a couple of pound more.

If we don't go out for lunch we usually spend the day in our pj's, under blankets in front of the TV. We usually have an afternoon of watching movies or TV shows. We have a rule that on a Sunday whatever we watch has easy to watch. We don't want to be thinking too much. Usually it's films we have seen before, animated Disney films or a good comedy.

We snack on the afternoon and usually have a light evening meal of sandwiches, cereal or something which takes no effort. Stu will sort his work clothes out for the week and Ellie her school uniform. I have been teaching her to iron and she is getting the hang of it, there haven't been any burned clothes or fingers yet so that's good.

Sunday is always bath night. We all have baths different nights during the week too but it has always been a thing to have a bath on a Sunday night since I was a child. It's good to go into a new week being clean and fresh. The only downside of us all having a bath is all the wet towels. I am trying to get the kids used to just hanging them up to dry instead of using them once and putting them in the dirty wash basket.

I like the idea of having an early night on a Sunday with the intention of waking up feeling energised on Monday but that never happens. lol I always get suckered into watching a movie which usually ends after the ideal time to to go to bed, Ellie always finds homework from school to do at the last minute before she goes to bed which infuriates me and Becky likes to stay up late as if she has had the weekend off it means she is back at work on a Monday for a night shift. She stays up late, gets up early the next morning and then is able to sleep on the afternoon.

What are your Sunday's like? What do you get up to?

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  1. I loved reading how you spend your Sunday’s. As we are heading into cooler weather I think that I would like to make more Sunday roasts with as much gravy as possible YUM! I also love your rule about watching something feel-good on Sunday. It’s a nice relaxing way to end the week.

  2. Your Sunday sounds just like ours! We love watching some movies, eating some snacks and just chilling out. The F1 season has started again though so Craig and Jayden have to fit that in now! Yay! (not) xx

  3. I like that kind of Sunday when we can get it...just being at home and ready for the week. Thanks for joining us.

  4. Oh my goodness, that plate of food has my mouth watering! I like the idea of going out on Sunday's so you have less cooking/cleaning to do. Thanks for linking up with us!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  5. That sounds so wonderful and relaxing! I don't think anyone in this house has ever slept until 10... unless they were sick.

  6. That Sunday dinner looks delicious, and I agree that Sunday is a great day to take a break from cooking. Not that I've been able to lately. Like you, I usually stay up far later than I should or plan to on Sunday nights.