Thursday 9 March 2023

40 things every 40 year old 'should have done. hahaha

 I am 43 years old. I did have to check. Is anyone else at this age and lose count as to how old they are? It seems ages ago that I turned 40

Researchers have identified the top 40 things everyone should do by the age of 40 and some of them did make me laugh out loud, some because they seem ridiculous to me but some are nothing to be proud of. The study found Brits believe it’s acceptable for adults over 40 to have six hangovers per year one every two months. I haven't the energy or time for that.

Apparently the lack of time and money are the two main reasons for not yet hitting all their goals before 40. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

40th Birthday

40 things every 40 year old 'should' have done!

Fallen in love - I have several times.
Started your pension - Nope.
Learned basic DIY skills - Yes, thanks to my dad. I am quite good at painting and decorating.
Bought a house - Yes, many years ago with an ex. 
Gone travelling - No.
Had at least three months’ salary in savings - Stu did have when he worked less hours but not now.
Had a child - Yes, I have my two girls.
Owned a pet - Yes years ago but we are thinking about getting another.
Written a will - Yes, of course. I think it is needed.
Had a hangover that made you want to quit drinking forever - Yes I have had several but not for many years. 
Donated blood - No. I would given the chance. I have had a blood transfusion in the past and it makes me ineligible. 
Had your heart broken - Several times.
Volunteered somewhere - Yes, at a riding school and a kids summer holiday play scheme.
Be in a position to plan for retirement - hahaha! Nope!
Won at least £10 on the lottery - No, never! I have only played it a few times in my life.
Earned a degree - No!
Become debt free - Yes! We are now!
Seen a stage show in the west end - No but I really want to!
Had a one-night stand - Yes. Oops. It was a mistake.
Secured your dream job - Yes!
Overpaid on the mortgage - No put I am massively in credit with my energy bill which means more at the moment.
Had a fight - Yes.
Tried being a vegetarian/ vegan for a certain period - Maybe for a day or two.
Visited at least three of the seven wonders of the world - No, I've not even left this country.
Attended a black-tie ball - Yes and I felt very fancy with all my make up and hair done, in a posh dress.
Created a family tree - Yes and it was so interesting.
Gone skinny dipping - Yep!
Invested in the stock market - No.
Been on a cruise - No but it's another thing I would love to do.
Lived in a city centre - Yes, several.
Reached manager level at your job - Yes!
Started a business - Yes.
Moved to the countryside - Yes, I live in it now, just about!
Visited most of the continents - hahaha no! 
Flown first class - I wish!
Been sacked from a job - Yes and I went in a blaze of glory! I might blog about it some time.
Bought a holiday home - I can't even afford my own home.
Been whale watching - Nope.
Written a book - I've written a blog.

Have you done most of these things?


  1. I am 43 too (and like you I had to just check that!) I've done quite a lot of these things but there are a few that I would like to try, although I think I'm too old for skinny dipping! I wouldn't mind winning something on the lottery but I haven't bought a ticket since I was 16 around when it started so I don't think that's likely!

  2. So I think I've done around half of them and I think I'm 42 this year who knows anymore lol

  3. Thisiswhereitisat9 March 2023 at 18:32

    I like this fairly normal questions that most people can relate. Great to read more about you Kim ☺

  4. Haha that was a fun read! I'm way older than you and I've done about half.

  5. I'm over 40 (lol) and I think most of my answers to the questions are the same as yours. I've never been abroad (unless you count Ireland) but I would like to go on a cruise someday. I have had small wins on the lottery but I haven't done it for years. I've also been to the West End (but to be honest, our local Hippodrome is better) and I've got a degree. I was also a vegetarian for about 3 years when a boyfriend tempted me with a hotdog at a fete! Now, where is the list of 50 things every 50 year old should have done haha! xx