Wednesday 18 January 2023

What I used to decorate the bathroom.

At the start of the month I decorated our bathroom, it needed doing. It hadn't painted for a couple of years and it was starting to look tatty. I certainly enjoyed planning and buying what I needed more than the actual painting.

The decorated bathroom

I wouldn't normally have bought the paint from Argos but Stu had credit to use from a website which he uses through his work. Stu gets bonuses from work and with the points we can convert them to vouchers for high street stores, supermarkets and things like that. When he sells an upgrade he also gets a spin of a wheel game thing to win more money. We usually get the odd £5 or £10 at the most. I went online to convert some of his winnings to a voucher to buy the paint and saw he had loads of unused codes, he saves them for me to do. While I was waiting for the voucher to be sent to my email I spun and ended up winning a few £5s, a couple of £10s and the jackpot of £300. That'll pay for even more paint to decorate the rest of the house. 

So with winning that money I decided to spend a little more than I would have normally spent on the bathroom.

Stuff for decorating the bathroom

This is what I bought from Argos, the paint, some new brushes and rollers, a new bin, some accessories and bathmats. I was really going for the grey theme.

I then had a look at the Asda George website and found a few things which took my fancy, especially for the walls.

Wall art and lamp shade
Wall art for the bathroom

Grey Foil Effect Shade - £12.00
Hand Love Framed Wall Art - Set of 3 - £14.00
Black Bathroom Slogan Framed Print 3-Pack - £8.00
Black Lunar Phases Horizontal Print - £7.00

I randomly got the grey paint for the wood on the walls and the shelf from the grocery part of the Asda website along with my food shop.

Then I decided that I needed some storage. We have a couple of shelves which run right around the bathroom but they always looked so cluttered so I was looking for some drawers of some sort and came across the Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet from Amazon which was on sale for 30 something pounds. It's gone back up to £43 now. It took a lot of putting together and I still got it wrong but you can't really tell that the front is supposed to be the back. I wouldn't say it's worth the £43 even with the screws in properly the drawers do have a habit of dropping off their runners. It'll do though.

I also got a Slimline Wooden Bathroom Storage Unit from Amazon too for £21.00 of course in grey too. It is perfect for the loo rolls although I did notice on the Amazon page it could be used for cleaning products too.

Now all I am missing is a grey toilet seat, the wood coloured one does not seem to go with the rest of the bathroom now.

What was the last room that you decorated?


  1. It looks good. I really need to redecorate my bathroom too I hate it as it currently is. I've got some prints up on the wall too but they're a bit cheekier than yours!

  2. I really love your updates. The problem with the current toilet seat is that the stain is really a warm color while all the gray is a cool color. If the wood was more a light color of natural wood with a clear coat it would work. I'd go with a white toilet seat - it goes with anything.

  3. I love the grey! And all of the accessories you chose are fab too.
    The drawer unit looks super handy. I could do with that to home all of the shower gels, hairsprays and other lotions and potions hehe.
    The last room I decorated was the living room, but there's still more work needs doing around the rest of the house. xx

  4. Funny enough the last room we redecorated was our bathroom too! I added a new/fresh coat of paint on the wall and added a few new pictures/ images.