Tuesday 17 January 2023

What I am looking forward to watching on TV this year.

There's nothing quite like winding down with a gripping TV series after a hard day or using a Sunday evening to catch up on shows from your watchlist. I love getting hooked on a series and there are plenty of new shows and shows returning this year.

These are some of the TV shows which I am looking forward to watching this year!

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You (season 4)
Everyone’s favourite sinister and obsessive serial killer Joe Goldberg is coming to Europe for season 4 after his life went up in flames last season. Joe becomes a reluctant detective in London when he discovers that he may not be the only killer in town.

Big Brother
Since the announcement that Big Brother will be returning to our screens, fans have waited on tenterhooks to find out more. And it seems that more will be revealed very soon! An official air date is yet to be announced, but it is expected that "Big Brother" will return in March, shortly after Winter Love Island. Eek! I am so excited about this, I spent every summer evening watching the old shows on CH4 and Ch5. I even made sure I had access to a TV to watch when I gave birth to Ellie. lol

Loki (season 2)
Loki is returning for a second season and will likely focus on the next big bad of the MCU. Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, Loki is back in the TVA and Mobius don’t seem to know who he is.

Squid Game (season 2)
The lockdown sensation returns with a follow up returning to its evil gameshow with a twist. The first series of the Korean survival drama saw desperate contestants compete in deadly children’s games in the hope of winning a life-changing cash prize. The show quickly became Netflix’s most successful series and later became a household name worldwide.

Heartstopper (season 2)
Based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novels the coming of age drama about teenagers Charlie and Nick became a global phenomenon in 2022 and two more seasons have already been confirmed by Netflix. After ending up together in the series finale, putting smiles on the faces of millions of viewers the world over, season two will see Charlie and Nick navigate high school life as a new couple.

The Crown (season 6)
Netflix’s award winning smash hit is expected to bow out in late 2023 with one final run from Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II. The final series is expected to cover Princess Diana’s death, Tony Blair’s relationship with the Queen, the death of the Queen Mother, 9/11 and the Golden Jubilee in 2002.

Following on from the success of Claudia Winkleman’s The Traitors, one of the world’s most successful TV formats gets another long-awaited go in the UK. Described as the ultimate physical and psychological gameshow, Survivor is a compelling test of brains, brawn and betrayal. 20 people, carefully selected from across the UK will be marooned in a tropical location. They will be divided into two tribes and go head to head in a series of challenges filled with drama, tension and action.

Awooga! In the most surprising TV comeback of the year, Gladiators is returning to Saturday nights in 2023. It will have a new home on BBC One, but you can expect the usual mix of muscle filled silliness as contestants show off their speed and strength and take on The Eliminator to win prizes.

Doctor Who 60th anniversary
It will be a massive year for Doctor Who fans with David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning for three specials to mark the show's anniversary. Tennant will play the 14th Doctor before handing over the baton to newcomer Ncuti Gatwa at Christmas. Gatwa's 15th Doctor will be joined by Coronation Street actress Millie Gibson, who will play new companion Ruby Sunday.

What are you looking forward to watching this year?


  1. Is Gladiators coming back?! Oh my, I need to watch that. I can't wait for squid games either. Watched the first 3 series of You, but don't think I'm going to bother with the third #MMBC

  2. Oooh plenty there that I didn't know were coming back! I'm looking forward to Loki, Squid Game and The Crown. Also I think there might be a new season of The Witcher coming up which I'll want to watch.

  3. You and Heartstopper are definitely on my list. They're also coming out with a "That 90's Show" that I want to start watching.

  4. Thisiswhereitisat19 January 2023 at 20:27

    Ooo didn't know there was a second series of Loki, thanks for sharing X