Thursday 26 January 2023

Tips to help your child get out of bed during the winter!

It is always a struggle to get out of bed during the winter. It's dark and cold. We don't have the heating on during the night or on a morning as it tends to make us even sleepier.

Did you know that there’s a scientific explanation for our struggles. Our body clock is designed to wake us with the rising sun so with no sunlight there during winter mornings we find it even harder to get out of bed and start our day on the right foot. 

Teddy bears in bed

How can we make this easier for our kids? Here are some tips for helping children get up, get out, and get ready for a positive day.

1. Set a strict bedtime routine.
Bedtime routines for kids are important at anytime of the year but especially in the winter. The last thing you want to do is make it much tougher for kids to get out of bed in the dark of the morning by letting them run wild the night before.

According to their age you can work out what time your child should go to bed and how many hours of sleep that they need but you also need to consider your child's routine, daily schedule and general attitude.

For instance a 10-year-old need between nine and eleven hours of sleep each night. If your child must get up by 7:00 and you are aware that they require the most sleep possible, they ought to be in bed by 20:00. This indicates that it could be a good idea to begin "winding them down" at around 7pm and have them showered, cleaned their teeth, dressed in their children's pyjamas and ready for bed at about quarter to eight.

2. Affirmations.
It's never too early to introduce daily affirmations to your child, especially when they could mean the difference between a happy morning and a sad one. The welfare, self-esteem, and general outlook of your child can all be enhanced by affirmations (positive remarks). Before they get out of bed, say your chosen affirmations aloud to them as they awaken and start to acclimatise to a new day.

3. Give them something to look forward to.
Similar to adults, your child has a list of tasks to complete as soon as they wake up before the day can begin. This might make it more tougher for some people to get out of bed in the morning because it can feel very routine and like a chore. Even though your child can't escape taking a shower, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and eating breakfast every morning you could try to offer them something to look forward to.

Incorporate your child's latest interest into their morning routine by carving out 15 to 30 minutes of free time between the chores. With something to look forward to, they may feel that push to get out of bed despite the wintry atmosphere.

4. Use rewards and incentives. 
Children enjoy receiving rewards for good behaviour, and this might motivate them to continue exhibiting it. Try rewarding your child with something they'll enjoy later in the day, it will be a great encouragement to get them out of bed on a gloomy morning. There's no need for expensive incentives. Give them their favourite tea when they come home from school, let them choose the playlist for the car's school drive, or give them an extra 15 minutes of screen time before dinner. Continuously rewarding your child for good behaviour should motivate them to repeat these positive actions until they become a habit.

5. Set a good example.
Last but not least but most important make sure you're leading by example. Don't underestimate your child's capacity to detect hypocrisy in you! How can you teach your child about the importance of routines, optimistic attitudes, and positive thinking if you don’t practice these qualities yourself?

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the winter?


  1. I struggle to get out of bed all the time but in winter its even worse! I think I need to follow some of these great tips for myself. I especially like the habit of saying affirmations aloud. I'll remember to say them tomorrow morning when I get up for my first day back at work 😊

  2. Fab tips! I definitely struggle to get out of bed during winter. We have those thick teddy bear fleece duvet covers on all of our beds and I just want to stay under it all day! Haha. x

  3. I never want to leave the warm bed and I hate that it's so dark in the mornings. Luckily though we are almost all morning people so we don't struggle a whole let to get out of bed but I'd be lying if I didn't think about staying in bed each morning! LOL.