Saturday 7 January 2023

A photo every day for a year! 1st - 6th January. Week 1 of #Project365

I hope the new year is treating you well. We're all good here, well mostly. The kids are both getting over that nasty cold which is going around. I feel so lucky that I haven't caught it but I have spent most of the week in the bathroom, painting it, away from the girls. 

I am aching now, after painting all week, putting flat pack furniture together and more painting. I had planned on having a really lazy day yesterday but ended up going out with a friend for breakfast and then catching up on all the housework that I hadn't done during the week, thankfully Becky was here to help.

We don't have much planned for the weekend. Becky is working and I think Ellie and I are going to be putting some Lego together. I am hoping the builders next door aren't here, they're starting to get into a routine of working only on an evening and on a weekend, starting at 8am with their hammering and drilling. Ugh! I could really do with a lie in.

Now for a photo every day!

A selection box and first coat of paint
Me painting and the window frame painted
The finished bathroom and tulips

1/365 - 1st January
I ate most of this selection box on New years day. I'm not ashamed, they were all mini bars. hehehe

2/365 - 2nd January
The painting began. The first of many coats on the walls. I wished I'd bought a paint that would have done it in one coat.

3/365 - 3rd January
More painting. 

4/365 - 4th January
It felt like I was making progress when I started putting the grey on the woodwork.

5/365 - 5th January
And finished! Phew! I thought it would only take me a day and a half to do the bathroom but it took me almost 4. It's done now though and I am happy with it.

6/365 - 6th January
I got these tulips with the food shopping on New Years Eve and they're still looking good, they're only just starting to droop.

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  1. Aw that cold virus is bad! We've all been bad both on my birthday and all through the Christmas holidays, it's relentless!
    You've done a fab job of your bathroom. Love the grey! xx

  2. Great job on the bathroom! I don't think I have EVER found a good paint that truly covers well in just one coat... but I always underestimate the amount of work and time needed to paint a room. Those tulips are lovely!!

  3. The tulips lasted well. Well done on getting the bathroom done. I'm terrible at painting, so the OH won't let me do any since I did our bathroom (first time ever painting)

  4. The great thing about the selection box of choccies is that you can try so many different kinds guilt free because they’re so small. You’ve done an amazing job getting all that painting done. You deserve a well earned rest! Hope you’re girls get over their colds fast.I love your tulips. What a pretty colour😊

  5. Nothing to be ashamed about - they were mini's as you say!! ;) Well done on getting the bathroom done! And love those pretty.

  6. Think my previous comment was anon!

  7. We all had a cough. All I kept telling people is that it wasn't covid! We are only just getting over it. You did well with the painting. We will be painting this house all year. 8am for the builders. Why!!!

  8. Happy New Year. You've done a good job with the bathroom and I've still got a selection box to work my way through

  9. We have all had the lurgy over Christmas and Isaac was the last one to have it last week. The bathroom looks fabulous - we need to decorate but essential home maintenance has but it on the back seat

  10. Bathroom looks fab, well done on all your hard work! #project365

  11. Love a selection box – Sophie and Thomas had these ones and they didn’t last long! The bathroom looks really good – I can imagine it was hard work doing it and hopefully you had a rest over the weekend to get over the achiness. Love those tulips, such a pretty colour. #project365